Why Give?

What missionaries wish you would ask


JULY, 2020

By Marlene Hoenig

I was recently asked to share; What is something you would like to be asked about when you are sharing with a church group or congregation?

As a counselor, missionary, and women’s minister I often get questions that range from; How can we pray for you? What are your needs? Can you share an exciting inspirational experience or testimony? Can you pray and give us a prophetic word? What is God doing in _____?

One question I would love to have the opportunity to be asked more is – Why Give? This simple two-word question opens a host of awesome opportunities to answer in a variety of ways, that not only tell a lot about the speaker but challenges the listener to also ask of themselves:

  • Why give my life to Jesus?
  • Why do I give?
  • Why should I give?
  • Why did I give my life to missions?
  • Why give my tithe?
  • Why give my time?
  • Why give my talents away?
  • Why give an offering, to missions abroad?
  • Why give to missions locally?
  • Why give to me personally?

These are all very good questions in and of themselves and there are so many great answers to all of the “Why Give” questions.

In the book Why Give? Anthology Compiled and Edited by Jill-Capri Simms there were many entries all with wonderful reasons for giving.

In fact, there are scientifically proven positive and healthy outcomes for giving; giving helps to alleviate depression, giving makes us feel good about ourselves and the causes we care about, giving applies God’s principle of sowing and reaping (believed to produce a blessing), and many more.

My contribution to the anthology is what I would like to share with you to the question Why Give?
God’s Word is true and it is certain
It divides between the soul, spirit and life’s curtain
It says that God holds the keys between temporary and eternal
and separated darkness from the light
He upholds what is truth and what is right

Why Give?

Because God gave first.

God created life; then gave His life for those who will receive
God’s Holy gift of eternal life.

Why Give?

Because He gave first.

He sent His Son – the Living Word and Eternal King
To show His love for all the world – redeeming everything
Disciples share God’s saving plan and how Jesus broke the curse

Why Give?

Because God gave His love first.
God’s Word is true, and it is certain
He never tells a lie
He created the world and He loves you and I
He will never change His mind
We are His love burst

Why Give?

Simply, because He gave first.

Most of the entries included this very reason for giving, we give because God gave His love first, unconditional and without conditions.

Once we give our hearts to Him, then He will show us where and how to give of our time, our talents, and finances. When we ask ourselves the question, Why Give? Thank Him, for giving first, then ask Him, to whom, what, and how much?

You are one of God’s Treasures,
Marlene Hoenig,
Cinderella Released Ministries
Globe International Missionary
Blog: www.cinderellareleased.me

About the Author

Marlene oversees Cinderella Released Ministries and works with both men and women through pastoral & missional care which includes helping women know & develop Godly self-images, life skills & Biblical training, and secure emotional, physical & spiritual healing. She offers mentoring and support to other pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders as well and offers confidential compassionate care.