Not Exactly Excited

called to go to Costa Rica


AUGUST, 2020

By Corey & Lindsey Branson

The question we got asked A LOT as we prepared to move to Costa Rica!

A family of four called to international missions, what could be more exciting than that?

Our family was called to Latin American missions. We embarked on the journey of fundraising and preparing our house to be ready to go up for sale. Our goal was to be funded and moving within one year from our initial decision to move to Costa Rica. In the months leading up to this big move, we found ourselves not being able to describe our feelings toward this new step as “exciting.”

When we decided to move forward, dread and sadness filled us as we began to make a list and a timeframe of which family members and friends we would need to tell. Also the thought of how and when were quite important as well. As you can imagine, these conversations were all over the map. Some people were excited for us, some sad, some angry, and some even felt abandoned. These conversations and moments shared were not very exciting for us, but we knew that God had called us. We had to trust and obey Him.

Saying goodbye to our dogs was even harder than we’d ever imagined

Establishing a home was something that was very important to us. Our home had become a place where we spent quality time together and could have friends and family over, too. Next up was selling our house, but we had many renovations to complete. Finishing these renovations and getting it on the market was exciting, but also very busy and overwhelming. It literally felt like we had a list of a hundred things to do, and we were only accomplishing 1-2 things a day! As soon as it went on the market, we began to realistically consider what items we could bring with us. The rest we would need to either sell or give away. The process of getting rid of most of what you know to be your life is very emotional! The conversations we had with our children were very difficult. They were old enough to realize that not all of their belongings were making the move, but not mature enough to understand why. The days of seeing our things go to new homes and the little bit that we did bring, get packed up in trunks, were filled with a lot of tears and mixed emotions.

When we drove away with our select possessions in trunks and suitcases, although we were not exactly excited, we had peace. We knew we were following and trusting God.

By the time the actual departure date came, we were emotionally spent! The rollercoaster had been a lot to handle, and we were tired! Excitement did begin to grow as we arrived at the airport, checked in our belongings, and got on the plane. Was the actual travel day exciting?

Yes, it was exciting, but also terrifying! We were excited to let God use us however He wanted in Costa Rica, but giving too much thought to leaving our home country and moving overseas was terrifying! This was no vacation. We would not be returning in 2-3 weeks and getting to sit down with our friends and family to tell them stories about our time away from home. For that matter, there was no home to return to.

Moving internationally is hard, y’all; no matter how exciting it seems like it might be. But when you’re following God, it’s not always exciting, is it?! We did not choose to move our family to Costa Rica for the excitement. Our move was in obedience to God calling us into Latin American missions.

“Declare His glory among the nations.”
Psalm 96:3

God has big plans for Costa Rica and for us. We are thankful He chose us to be part of His plan and that we have the courage to continually trust Him. Please continue to pray for and with us! God bless you!

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