NGA and Globe International have joined hands to assist emerging evangelistic ministries in start-up challenges, such as administration, media, and partnership development. Get on board with this highly recommended collaborative. It will empower you and accelerate your ministry effectiveness!”

DO YOU: Have a ministry vision? Have a passion for evangelism?

HAVE YOU: Struggled with the challenges and questions of fund raising, administration, staff, advertising, media, etc.? Wondered about how to launch a viable ministry?

CONSIDER THIS: Before you create a new 501c3, check out how the NGA-Globe International Collaborative can help you get up and running and make an impact efficiently and with excellence. At Next Generation Alliance (NGA), we are committed to helping our members succeed in their God-given calling. Through NGA’s partnership with GLOBE International, NGA members now have the chance to experience all the benefits of a 501c3 without the complexities. Applicants must be a current member of NGA, and must satisfy GLOBE International’s membership requirements. Give us a call, or check out our website links, for more information and see if the NGA-Globe Collaborative is right for you!

Applicants who are members of the Luis Palau Association Next Generation Alliance (NGA) must complete a Globe application, attend Candidate School, and meet Globe’s minimum training requirements (which corresponds to NGA training requirements). Depending on the extent of ministry experience, and the applicant’s plans for the immediate future, Globe may recommend a particular “category” assignment. Such assignment details will be done in collaboration with the applicant and NGA leadership. NGA affiliates must demonstrate satisfactory fulfillment of Globe’s requirements on ministry activity and financial reporting.

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