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Whether you have experience in missions or you are new to missions, we believe that God can use you. We at Globe want to help you use your passions and talents to serve God in whatever He has called you to do. Whether it’s teaching, videography, nursing, or something else entirely, God can use it!

Check out our ministry opportunities to find where your skills, experience and gifts intersect with God’s redemptive plan to meet the real needs of real people on more than 70 mission fields!

Why go with Globe?

With more than 40 years of experience sharing the gospel with people in 70 countries, Globe is committed to preparing and supporting those who are gifted by God for global ministry to fulfill their call.

Our goal is help you find out how your passions and skills can be used to serve God, no matter what your talents are. We prioritize training and equipping so that our members are prepared and ready to accomplish their goals.

We work one on one with missionaries to ensure that you are ready to go with a deep theological understanding, practical financial and ministry help, donor support, and unified teammates who will work beside you to accomplish the great work of the Great Commission.

How we serve our missionaries

We know that getting started in missions or ministry has a lot of unknowns, questions, and paperwork.

At Globe, we try to make fulfilling your call a little bit easier for you by providing training, support, member care, and more!

  • Financial Services & Support
  • Personalized Coaching & Counseling
  • Resources & Training
  • Donor Services
  • Fundraising Training
  • Member Care
  • and more!

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