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SERVING IN : Nicaragua, Central America


Born in Athens, Greece, and adopted when she was an infant, Christina was raised in Alabama. Lonely as a child, she learned to talk to Jesus as her friend, yet had no idea of what salvation was all about. During her teen years, she became increasingly interested in the supernatural, though she knew these powers were of the devil. In 1972, feeling that God really wasn’t interested, she gave Him two weeks to change her mind about joining the church of Satan…so He did! Through reading Pat Boone’s testimony, she began to see that God did care for her and that He did love her. She began to attend a small, spirit-filled church, and within a few weeks, finally understood that salvation was by grace and gave her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. The first ten years were filled with ups and downs as she struggled with understanding the depth of God’s continuing grace, but God kept His hand on her and did much deliverance in her life, and she eventually became established in her Christian walk. Her testimony truly is of God’s amazing grace!

In 1985, she moved to Costa Rica for language school. During that year, she became aware of the plight of thousands of Nicaraguan refugees living in Costa Rica. Afterwards, she served a short term in Guatemala with Living Water Ministries medical-dental evangelism team, where her nursing skills were put to work and where she began to learn more about working with children. In 1987, she returned to Costa Rica to work with Nicaraguan refugees. Much of this ministry was at a mission located in the jungle less than two miles from the Nicaraguan border, where many refugees had settled. In 1991, the government of Nicaragua changed and Christina moved to Managua. She worked with several different ministries and groups, mostly in the areas of medical/evangelistic outreaches and children’s ministries. In 1993, she went to work in the Philippines with Arise and Shine Evangelistic Association, helping to set up a small clinic in the church and train two Filipino workers in basic health and first aid. Today, they continue to minister to the needs of those who come seeking medical help, taking every opportunity to share the Gospel as well.

Christina went back to Nicaragua in 1996. In 2001, her mother died, and she moved home to care for her father in Alabama. He died in October of 2006, and she returned to Nicaragua in August of 2008. Her vision is to reach out via evangelism, children’s programs, health teaching, working with those with special medical needs and training others to do these things…sharing Jesus with people through it all!

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SERVING IN : Ukraine, Europe
MINISTRY FOCUS : Evangelism, Mercy Ministry


We are the Perekotiys, a Ukrainian and American family! We have been entrusted with four beautiful children: Chambers (2013), Lev (2015), Mila (2016), and Remington (2019). Our story began when we met in Ukraine in 2008. After living on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, we packed up our gang in 2018 and moved to Odesa, Ukraine, a beautiful, historic port city on the Black Sea. While visiting family in Alabama in 2022, the full-scale invasion broke out in Ukraine. We decided to remain in the US for the 2022-23 school year while supporting our partners in Ukraine through the War Relief Fund. In August 2023, we launched back overseas to share the Gospel among Ukrainians. We are based out of Bucharest, Romania, where we can serve refugees and be close to the Ukrainian border.

Through the War Relief Fund we have sent medical aid, vehicles, food, and education supplies to those in need. The needs of the vulnerable will only increase as this crisis continues, and we are committed to partnering with our friends and partners to meet those needs. We pray to use these resources to rebuild Ukraine when the war ends.

Our heartbeat has always been caring for the vulnerable and fatherless. Our vision is to see Christ proclaimed as we serve vulnerable children and families with national partners and churches. We also serve the unreached deaf community, and provide training and trauma resources for families and volunteers. Thank you for journeying with us!

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To support ongoing relief efforts in Ukraine, click “GIVE” and choose “War Relief” from the dropdown menu.

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