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Karen has been serving in Thailand since 1990. She lives in Khon Kaen, located in the heart of Isaan, the poorest region. This northeastern region has the least missionaries of any in Thailand. Her mission is to present the Gospel via teaching English at the university as well as in her home. She serves as the children’s church leader at River of Life Church, founded by Globe missionaries, Bill and Julie Hughes. Karen is also assisting new missionaries as they adapt to the culture and encourages regular fellowship of missionaries. As a nurse, Karen is available as a source of counseling for health problems to both the Thais and the expatriates.


Recent Updates


Living in the “COVID Era” in Thailand is sort of like being stranded on an island. While you can get everything you need for short term needs, other things are just out of your grasp. Thailand is an insulated island. We do not have the disease here, just the side effects. But we don’t have a toilet paper shortage!


What is it like to be a missionary? I’m not sure. I follow God’s leading and I find myself in various circumstances. Now I have led a lady to the Lord and baptized her; she will be seeing Jesus soon.


The government changes its policies regularly, without warning. Thank God that He never changes! Certainly, our lives have been changed, with many unknowns for the future. I pray that you are safe and healthy as I am. As Christians, we know that God is really in control, regardless of what happens. He is trustworthy!

mar - apr

First came Covid-19. Just news from China, no big deal, or so it was thought at the beginning…but the viral threat grew. Then my boss asked to see me “about the job”. The next day he released me on March 31 even though my contract ends June 20. I believe that due to the recession in Thailand (before Covid) the hospital director felt he had to let me go. I was crushed because I thought he thought I was not doing a good job. But it was more of an economic concern for him.

jan- feb

God has truly been blessing me with new friendships as well as a burgeoning Sunday School attendance. In fact, Sunday School is becoming more than I can handle alone! Isn’t that wonderful! More children, sometimes many languages (some of which I do not speak!)


We are entering the “cold” season. That means it will not go above 90 most days, and very little rain. It may occasionally
hit 55 in the mornings. This is when Thailand is a lot closer to heaven than hell.


Thank you for all your prayers. Our hospital passed accreditation! It is a miracle, really. Yes, the staff worked hard, but so much had to come together.

AUG 19

In September, I will start teaching Sunday School and English to my students (again). I am looking forward to taking some time off as well.

JUN 26

Please start praying for the hospital’s accreditation by Joint Commission International of the USA. I will be working very hard and very long to get ready for their visit August 23 to 26.

MAY 28

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Life continues to present challenges and I am thankful because I have to depend on the Lord.

MAR 28

Blessings to each one of you who have been praying and/or giving. God is doing a work in Thailand through our combined efforts. Pray that I will depend on Him more & more.

JAN 21

I am busy with mock surveys (inspections) of the hospital during the day and enjoying Anita’s company in the evening!

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