Nicusor & Debora Tanasescu


SERVING IN : Albania
MINISTRY FOCUS : Church Planting


Nicusor and Debora Tanasescu are living in Tirana, Albania. We were born in Romania, and our passion is to work with local churches and develop projects to evangelize Albanians and other nations. They are the founders of the Balkan Sunrise Organization.

“Balkan Sunrise” is a transformative project dedicated to spreading Christian values and coaching individuals in their faith journey in the Balkan region. The initiative aims to empower individuals, promote positive change, and foster unity in society through Christian coaching, evangelistic events, and digital materials. The project extends its support to immigrants in Romania, emphasizing universal values of love and acceptance. Expanding into Albania, Balkan Sunrise focuses on printing Christian materials for educational purposes, contributing to the community’s well-being and organizing social and evangelistic meetings to strengthen spiritual connections and promote positive change.



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