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It’s taken a while but I’m ministering again across the 9,000-mile, 13-hour divide, to my mission field in Mindanao. I’m in regular contact with the many people who God has brought together and I’m beginning to pack the boxes that have stood idle since March! Every gift we send we send in the Name and love of Jesus, blessed be His name.


From these small beginnings who knows what will grow, but we know that the Lord God honors and rewards obedience. They currently have about 60 meeting on Sunday morning and minister to a small handful of youth, and of course outreach on a Saturday. They are witnessing in a barangay named Balanok and 10 families have begun to attend Sunday service sitting under the Word of God.


I’m pleased to say that the last Sunday in January (2021) saw the delivery of some of our boxes shipped last autumn. Richard was delighted with his school supplies and shoes and clothing. In one box we shipped around 150 spiral notebooks, similar number of pens, pencils, erases, some toothpaste and toothbrushes.


Matthew’s account in chapter 2 of his gospel tells us of the Wise men who came seeking the King and let me say that today “wise” men (and women) are still seeking the King! I hope this Christmastime that, in spite of all that this year has brought, that we are still able to acknowledge that Jesus is King over all!


There’s been a growth at the little SDA Church I’m involved with in Kimaya, now formally known as Kimaya Missionary Church. And the leaders are my young spiritual sons and daughters! To have seen these young people, who I first met in 2015 average ages 13-15, now in the 18-22 range become leaders in their own community is just so God!


Even though I can’t get to the Philippines right now, the same as many of my missionary friends who still find themselves displaced from their mission field, the work of Live Loved has continued. Across 9,000 miles and a 13-hour time difference, I’ve still been able to mentor and encourage, advise, pray and when required do homework and help shape messages for those who have asked. We’ve seen great results because God’s Kingdom bears fruit!


On a recent visit I had the opportunity to speak with around 35 local pastors, not all, but mostly PCGMAI. They are hungry for more of God and the fullness of the Spirit. Due to work and graduation services, some pastors were unable to attend our time of encouragement but we hope to repeat it at some other time.


As you can imagine teachers and pupils need all the support and encouragement that can be given to them. During our visit, Margie and I visited the school twice. It could easily have been every day except the schedule we had in place didn’t allow. The teaching staff have always praised the good behavior and respect of those students who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, most especially those who belong to Chosen Generation, one of the groups I’m working alongside.


We visited the a hospital in Kimaya. The hospital is nothing like those in the USA or UK! small room, “ward”, was full and the overflow of patients and family are placed in the outside covered passageways. When you first see this, it can come as quite a shock to the system.


Thank you everybody for praying and supporting our trip back to Mindanao in November.We were blessed of the Lord by His Presence and anointing. It’s always blesses our hearts to see God show up and show off and receive all the Glory and honor. (He didn’t let us down, He never does!)


At the time of writing we are just days away from Margie and I leaving for our trip back to Mindanao. I was last there in April of this year, and it seems eons away since then! Of course, I’ve continued regular contact with the young people that I’m able to mentor and pastor and the adults we’re deepening our relationships with.


We have spent the summer purchasing and packing discounted items for our upcoming ministry trips back to Mindanao. The Lord has blessed us with some great discounts at all the major stores, all new products at some truly bargain prices! He is a good God. Looking for size appropriate clothing, shoes etc., for Filipino’s can be a challenge don’t you know!


By the time you get this update will have become an American citizen! On the 1st August 2019, after 16 years of living and working in the USA I finally took that step of faith and duly became a citizen of the USA! The ceremony took place on board Naval Air Station Pensacola, in the atrium of the world-famous Pensacola Naval Air Museum.


In 2015 I made my first visit to the Philippines. Little did I know that initial visit was to change the course of my life!

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