Helen Smith

Costa Rica

SERVING IN: Costa Rica, Central America


Helen has been in Costa Rica for 32 years and counting. Hogar de Vida Children’s home in Atenas, Costa Rica and Helen have been together from 1995 until today. You can find her at www.homesoflife.org. Meet the community she belongs to.

Helen has the perfect job. Most of her defined tasks are in an office because writing procedures, defining policies, doing government reports and keeping it all accessible are her strengths. It’s the part outside her office that’s enviable. She gets to love 35 children every day. Planting a seed of hope in 35 little hearts that were created to discover God’s love in Jesus. Somewhere, a family is looking for them. She helps them “cross the bridge” towards their “heart” family.

When her husband was on earth, among other things, he co-founded Casa de Aguila in Peru (www.casadelaguila.com). This is also a passion of hers — Quechua women in the Andes.

Sometime soon, Helen aspires to use her great big house to host women’s retreats. She’s eager to share what Jesus has given her. Being a widow gives her the freedom and the availability to dream. She’s polishing that idea.

Costa Rican coffee is OK. But Helen’s a “kiwi” from New Zealand. Black tea is her preference. With milk and sugar, please!

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