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Ukraine & Moldova

SERVING IN: Ukraine & Moldova, Europe
MINISTRY FOCUS: Mercy Ministry


In 2014, Dr. Joe Savage was leading a missions team to Moldova on behalf of University of Mobile, where he was serving as executive dean and assistant professor. During that trip, Joe learned about the large number of orphaned girls who were being sex trafficked. While standing amongst 425 children at a state orphanage, Joe and a friend quietly prayed to God asking what they could do to stop the horrible atrocities being committed against the orphans. Three days later, a house, house parents, and three teenaged girls in desperate need of help were located. The Emmanuel House for Girls soon became a reality as more and more homeless, orphaned girls arrived from all over Moldova — as each one was simply looking for a safe place to call “home.” Eventually, Roads of Hope was officially formed as a 501(c)3, non-profit organization in the United States.

Today, Dr. Savage works full-time as the director of ROH committing his life to the rescue and care of orphans in distress. ROH currently cares for 40 orphaned children living in five different “family-type” homes scattered across Moldova. Joe and our team also rescue children who have been taken, provide humanitarian aid to orphanages, host orphans to the United States, and try to connect as many orphans to families as possible.

Joe’s goal is to have 101 orphans being cared for by ROH by January 1, 2021. “If the kids are in our homes, we can protect and care for them. Until they arrive in our homes, every child is in very serious danger,” Joe Savage recently stated. “To get these kids our of danger and into our homes, all we need are for heroic people to give a gift of any amount monthly. The money is used to buy food, clothes, school supplies, and healthcare for the children . . . And it positions us to LOVE these kids, give them a family, and teach them about God’s great love . . . three of the most important needs of every human.”

If you want to become part of a movement of people who choose to help some of the world’s most forgotten children, please register to give monthly through the button below.


Recent Updates


After 16 months of fighting Ukrainian corruption, Vadim is finally home! In July, the 13-year-old special needs orphan from Ukraine arrived at his new family and home in Daphne, Alabama. His new parents, report Vadim is doing exceptionally well.


Can you imagine, seven or eight children standing there with their arms stretched out giving every coin they could each muster? Their example shows how every person on the planet can give something if they choose to. Their example also reveals how silly most of our excuses really are.


Dorina’s story of return cannot be adequately told in a two-page newsletter. The synopsis, however, is by God’s grace and help, we located Dorina after about a three-week hunt. Early one morning, Dorina answered a random phone number we called. I convinced her to sneak away from her location and then I went to get her.


The year started off amazing! I was in Moldova, Romania, and Hungary visiting orphans and celebrating Christmas in five of our “family-type” homes (i.e. orphan homes). The house parents and kids at each of our homes are remarkable people. I wish you could meet them. Their tenacity, faith, and genuine love in the midst of hardship are phenomenal to witness.


During 2019, you provided 36,138 nutritious meals to the orphans living in our homes in Moldova. This has helped them perform better in school as well as feel better about life. The children have eaten because YOU GAVE SO THE CHILDREN COULD EAT.


I will be going to Moldova in early January to celebrate Christmas with the orphans and to take them gifts. (Christmas is celebrated in Moldova on January 7th.) I expect to also be visiting some other undisclosed locations during the trip. Be watching the Roads of Hope Facebook page to keep up with my travels and to see videos of the orphans.


I do want to tell you about two urgent needs associated with the kids. First, we immediately need to purchase wood
and coal to warm each of our children’s homes. We estimate it will cost $1,950 to heat each house. We have five
houses. Also, some of our newer kids need some winter clothes. Please pray and ask God to provide you with some extra money to give to this important need. I know you love these kids just as I do. Please help me in making certain the kids are staying warm and also, please think about giving a Christmas present. They would be grateful.


With the support of many of you, today we care for 40+ orphans living in five different homes scattered across Moldova. We also have hosted 46 orphans from Ukraine to the United States and many of the children have or are being adopted. Thankfully, we have also been able to provide warm coats, shoes, medicine, and other necessities to orphans as needed and we have been able to rescue a few kids that had been taken.

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