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SERVING IN: Ukraine, Europe
MINISTRY FOCUS: Evangelism, Mercy Ministry


We are the Perekotiys – a half Ukrainian, half American family! We have been entrusted with three beautiful children: Chambers (2013), Lev (2015), Mila (2016), and Remington (2019).

After living on the Gulf Coast of Alabama for six years, we packed up our gang and moved to Odessa, Ukraine, a beautiful, historic port city on the Black Sea!

Our heartbeat has always been caring for the vulnerable and fatherless, and we know how important it is to do this through the local church. Our vision is to see Christ proclaimed as we serve the community in Odessa. We partner with a Ukrainian organization to serve at-risk families, orphans + children with special needs. We are also learning Russian Sign Language as we prepare to connect orphanages, boarding schools and camps for children who are deaf.

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Recent Updates


Last year we were celebrating Christmas in America, with newborn baby Remington. This year we are counting down to the birth of our Savior in our other home halfway across the world. And that world looks a lot different. Through all the uncertainties of this year God has been gracious to our family.


Yura lead a team to get this family’s home up to code. They combined service with mentorship, bringing along 7 teenage boys from a foster home in Odessa. These boys are being raised by a single foster mother, with little influence from any father figure. They crave acceptance and guidance!


Our sign language classes are in full-swing. We are often overwhelmed with how much we have to learn, but our deaf friends have been so patient with us. Several of the teens have asked us about deep topics + Christianity.


The consistent theme we see with graduates from orphanages and boarding schools is a lack of skills and/or knowledge and concept of the future (be it next week or next year!). Even on the biking trips Yura noticed that the teenage boys didn’t know how to use basic tools to unscrew a bike wheel or reattach it. Our partners at Heritage have started a Guys Club that meets every Saturday to teach young men skills like woodworking, handicraft and budgeting. Yura is looking forward to joining them when we return to Odessa!

JUL 22

Yura had the opportunity to coordinate Boys Camp! 40 teenagers + 25 leaders in the forest for 8 days … God was really gracious + everyone survived!

JUN 19

Yura + I stepped into new roles this year at camp – we are a combination of Member Care + Counselors for the Ukrainian volunteers.

MAY 15

We are learning from Ukraine Without Orphans as we feel God calling us to this long-term ministry in Odessa.

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