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Del and Jeannie are passionate people with a heart to see Germany touched with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Leading a German congregation for over 25 years in Idar-Oberstein, Germany required the Penners to learn the language, adapt to the culture, and raise a family of four great children. In 2010 they turned over all pastoral responsibilities to the local leaders and are now primarily involved with working with refugees as well as being a valuable resource to churches in Germany and beyond.


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When it became clear the Coronavirus would not be going away anytime soon, we made a choice not to be too preoccupied with what we cannot do, and instead to be more creative within the limits of what we can do. First and foremost, we have made it our priority to connect with individuals personally or in small groups. This has meant communicating much more through digital messaging and video apps. We have also focused on visits in their homes or ours, or maybe having a coffee at a local café or ice cream parlor. Our in-person language classes have continued to take place, practicing social distancing and using facemasks, of course. Looking back at the past months, we have maintained good relationships on a smaller scale with those we already know well, but we have really missed building and strengthening new connections.

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