Katie Magill


SERVING IN: Mozambique, Africa
MINISTRY FOCUS: Mercy Ministry


Katie is the Founding Director of Project Purpose in Maputo, Mozambique. Project Purpose is a Christian, Non-Government organization working to rehabilitate girls who have been victims of sexual crimes. These “Princesses,” usually between the ages of 10 to 24 years old, have been prostituted on the streets of Maputo or victims of human trafficking. Project Purpose works with them to bring spiritual and emotional restoration. These girls are transformed through Bible-based teaching, practical and academic skills training, recreational activities and community service projects. Then they are reintegrated into their families, or substitute families when necessary.

Project Purpose began in 2001 and now has several Day Centers in or around the capital city of Maputo. It also has a Transformation Centre, which serves as a safe house for the young women and their children coming out of prostitution or who have been victims of human trafficking. Project Purpose teaches prevention of sexual abuse and sexual purity in schools, churches and children’s centers. Katie and her team travel teaching and advocating for intervention and awareness on behalf of those who do not yet have a voice.

Katie is currently also involved in establishing a Global Restoration Network for victims of Human Trafficking. She has been networking with other abolitionists for the past 20 years in Mozambique. Project Purpose helps to train and equip people who feel called to work with young women in prostitution and human trafficking. Their 20 years of experience has convinced us that Jesus is still able to set the captives free!


Recent Updates


We have been blessed with the funds for 2 Txopelas, they decided to sell us their whole stock!!! So instead of 3 Txopelas, we ended up with 6, for the price of 3!!!! That is unheard of…You might be asking why would we need 6 Txopelas? We plan to use
the income generated from the Txopela’s (small taxithat seats 5 or 6 people) to help with the running of our “MY FUTURE” project in Kululah. With the selling of water and the Taxi service, we should be able to cover our costs and reduce our monthly expenses quite a bit. We aim to be selfsustaining. It may take a while to get our fields producing, but we trust God to bless our land.


We are creating opportunities to grow and to practice living on their own while they still have counsellors nearby. Truth is, we are the only family many of these kids have ever known. Praise God we have found at least a family member for each child ,but it takes time to build relationship.


We at Project Purpose wish all of you a very Happy holiday season. We pray that God blesses you and your families in very real and tangible ways this Christmas and throughout the New Year. We are trusting for great things in 2021 and we look forward to partnering with you to see those things become reality.


The Lockdown helped us identify who really feels called to be a part of our team. We have consolidated our staff and unfortunately, because of the current situation, we had to let three of our full-time staff go. We would really appreciate your prayers for my team and their families. Times are tough in Mozambique, and around the world.


Due to the fact that some of our children and staff members are HIV+, we had to be particularly strict with who could and could not enter our property. From March to August our staff was being transported to and from work. This meant a lot more work for me and time on the road. While doing online schooling with my son from 8 am to 12:30, trying to keep up with admin, delivering bread donations, doing the regular food buys and deliveries, banking, and working overtime with a limited staff to locate family members of our children. We needed all your prayers!!! Thank you!!! We thank God for His provision and His promises fulfilled.


We WERE physically pioneering 2 groups of evangelism and outreach in two very different areas of the city. That quickly changed as we are on lockdown at the moment. We are all safe and healthy and we are taking all the necessary precautions to try and ensure the safety and well being of our children. We are in regular contact with the Princesses by phone and our Transformation Centre is running as usual, only on lockdown.


We are so pleased to say that our new sewing machines arrived on the 26th of September and we were finally able to start our sewing program on Tuesday October 1st, 2019. The girls are loving it!!!

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