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Ryan was born in Bozeman, Montana, but did not grow up there. Being born to parents who are both missionaries, he started a semi-nomadic lifestyle at a very young age and has lived in Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, California, Montana, and British Columbia.

Ryan grew up in a Christian home, but it wasn’t until 2010, when a tragic accident involving 3rd degree burns on his legs led him to start really having faith, and putting trust in God. That led him to fully accept Christ into his life.

Having moved around a lot has led Ryan to appreciate new experiences and the beauty of God’s creation. This sparked a passion in him to capture these experiences through the eye of a camera. After graduating high school in 2017, he moved to Vancouver, BC and started a career as a Director of Photography in the Canadian film industry. However, over the course of his time there he felt God called him to a life of missions and to begin using his talents for film making to serve God. Ryan feels that film making is a very powerful and impactful form of art, and feels called to use it to share God’s love through media.


Recent Updates


Just a few quick updates on our involvement with church ministry. God has been moving in such incredible ways! Zion Church is just about a year and a half old, and our numbers have grown immensely. We are seeing salvations for Christ happening every week! It’s begun to be evidently clear that there is a revival beginning to happen in Orange County, and we are so excited to be able to play a part in it!


I may have mentioned before, but Long Story Short is a short mini-documentary series we have been shooting that highlights individuals stories/testimonies in the community of San Clemente. As things began to open up we have been able to start putting out more content, and have been creating 60 sec short stories that “Informs & Inspires the next generation to pursue Truth and Real Life.” You can view these on our Instagram page @longstoryshort_tv


As Christians God has not created us to live in fear in a time of crisis, but rather the opposite, and by turning to Him we can live out of faith in the peace that passes all understanding. Because we know that God works everything out for good even though things may not seem like it at the time, I know God can work miracles out of this whole situation! This virus may be a big deal, but we have a God that’s bigger, and we can rest in that security!


I am beyond excited to say that the filming for it went fantasticlly, it was a very crazy month of pre-production and shooting, and now we are into the editing process of the film!


While almost all of our time has been spent working out the logistics and prepping for Kids On The Wall, I have also had the opportunity to be shooting a mini documentary series called Good Food, Honest Conversations. In this series we sit down with individuals over a home cooked meal at a dinner table and have them open up about their lives, their testimonies, what God has done through their lives, and how it has changed them.


I spent about 10 days in Mexico with them as they toured around Mexico City, Puebla City, and Tlaxcala. I had the honour of documenting their tour and working with them to create a recap film you can view on my youtube channel. Anyway, the venues we were at all together had about 1200 kids or so, and there was about a 90-100% response to receiving Christ. I have never seen the Holy Spirit show up so strong and just completely transform so many non believers. It was incredible.

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