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Sudip was born into an Orthodox Hindu family in 1975. He became a Christian in 1986. He dedicated his life to full-time service of the Lord in 1989. In 2001, he traveled to Pensacola, Florida to attend the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. BRSM transformed his life. He and Anne Lise (from Norway) met at BRSM and were married in 2005. Currently, they provide oversight for more than 30 churches. They also run an orphanage home for street children and other orphans. Sudip and Anne Lise train and equip leaders and are involved in social projects to provide safe drinking water and education to the people of Nepal.


Recent Updates


Two-room shutter final update: Two-room shops construction is completed. One room will be rented out and the income will
help support the ministry. The other will be run by the children’s home and we will start as soon as we have enough funds to
start a business.


Bible school classes are extending more. At this moment, we are doing courses one day a week. In March, we plan to expand twice a week. We will wait for a few more months for the residential school.


In the year 2020, four churches were built. 71 people were baptized last year and an additional church was planted in the area for the Thami language. This is close to the Tibetan border. We believe that God wants every tongue and people group to hear the gospel, so this is our goal!


Do not forget that God is in control regardless of what you have gone through. I am happy to say “bye bye” to an unusual year 2020! All our schedules were interrupted. It affected our everyday activities, work and fellowships. In all these things though, God will work for our good because you and I love God.


We would like to thank you for all the sacrifices that you have made this year, to support orphans and the poor in Nepal. Because of you, many people have received Christ and new churches have been built. Without you, these people would not have experienced the love of Jesus, so THANK YOU!


Please be lifting up all the people in our churches who have lost their job due to corona. The situation is tense in Nepal, so please pray for the people there.


As the country is facing extreme economy challenge food prices have gone up during these last months. Our children’s home expenses are high. We would like to start a little grocery store to help children home and community. We are thinking of building two tin roof rooms please pray for God’s provision. More details on this will be coming in my next newsletter.


Coronavirus numbers continue to go up in Nepal. The good thing is, the government has loosened the national lockdown. The lockdown has been placed on specific areas and provinces. Public transportation is still closed. Gatherings are allowed 20/25 people at a time. The food prices are going higher and higher.


During these times, our kids have done great in every aspect. They have been attending school online and this has given
a structure between weekdays and weekends. Schools in Norway have started opening little by little, with strict routines for hygiene and distancing. We have been having Sunday services in our home for weeks, but now we are finally able
to worship with our church family again.


Nepal is going through the complete lockdown as like many other countries. It was done without any warning and people did not get a chance to store up food. There have been several cases of corona and some people have died. I am praying that it will not last long. Schools are closed and Nepal is not at all prepared for an epidemic.

JAN - FEB 20

Can you believe we are already at the end of February 2020! I have a thankful heart to God for last year. Each month
was filled with challenges and opportunities. The circumstances we lived under really pushed us to trust God more
because we believe that the victory belongs to the Lord.

NOV 20

In the beginning of November we had our annual pastors and leadership conference in Kathmandu. It is always so good to meet together and get refreshed.

SEP 20

We are hoping to get the neighboring property for $5000, where the boy’s home and kitchen can be built. We are very excited to see Asish Children’s Home be established and for these children to have a good and safe place to grow up.

AUG 20

In our last newsletter, we talked about children’s home steps. Thank you so much to those of you who have given towards this project. The foundation is now completed and paid for and we believe for the finances to complete the steps.

JUN 27

We are planning to start the construction of new emergency steps for the multi functional building at the children’s home in a few weeks. Please pray that the funds will come so we can complete on time. This is a major need for the children!

APR 17

After I came from Nawalparashi I have spent most of my time building our downtown church, Mephy, in Kathmandu and the children home church in Phutung. In Mephy we have new people visiting every week and people are getting saved.

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