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SERVING IN : Argentina, South America


Humberto and Evelyn Jiménez Saint serve the Lord from Córdoba, Argentina.

Humberto, a Peruvian student studying in Argentina, was converted at the age of 21, and soon after he finished his studies and worked several years in the secular world, he was called into the ministry full time.

Evelyn comes from a missionary family, having been born and raised in Argentina by missionary parents, Phil and Ruth Saint, who believed missions was a lifetime calling. Evelyn’s uncle Nate Saint was martyred in 1956 along with 4 other young missionary men in Ecuador, and is cousin to Steve Saint, author of End of the Spear. Her father Phil was an evangelist for 30 years in the United States, then 30 years as an evangelist and preacher in Argentina; he was chalk artist, cartoonist, writer, conference speaker, and founder of Conference Center Lake Valley in Cordoba. You may purchase his updated autobiography on Amazon, both in printed and Kindle edition here.

Humberto and Evelyn are ordained pastors of the Assemblies of God. Through the local church and ministry they both serve in activities, like: feeding children, reaching teenagers, evangelizing, organizing the annual March for Jesus, gathering with the national pastors, etc. They are actively involved in the national leadership of Argentina. They have taught together and separately in most of the churches of their city, on marriage, youth subjects, and Bible classes at the local AG Bible Institute, organized a Christian network for Christian teachers, been live on a Christian FM radio for several years. They have prepared over 30 teaching materials on subjects like marriage, family, courtship and marriage, a children’s coloring book, and so forth. Many videos of their teachings are uploaded on

Evelyn has several teaching materials available also as Kindle books on Amazon, look for Evelyn Saint books. She also has a Spanish inspirational blog, and a Facebook with leadership articles in Spanish: Liderazgo Todoterreno

Check out their church Facebook: Manantial de Vida

Their three adult children also participate in the ministry: Ariel, an audiovisual University professor, also films and edits educational and Biblical material, as a media missionary. Nathalie works as church secretary, is a media designer and also serves as secretary for the Pastoral Council in Córdoba. Sebastian is a business administrator, and serves the Lord as a youth pastor, and worship leader.

Argentina is a country of opportunities and challenges, but also a country with a yearly inflation of 50%, poverty on the increase, a dropping education, and constant financial and social crisis. So… all the more reason to serve the Lord here, and we are anticipating that there is so much more to be done!  

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