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Ken and Becky Holderman are now serving with Globe International as Member Care providers. Their main goal is to give emotional and spiritual encouragement as well as support to the missionaries.

Missionaries are on the front likes of spiritual warfare. As veteran missionaries, Ken and Becky have experienced the battle first hand. They can empathize with missionaries, standing alongside our workers to help them become “more then conquerors” even in their daily lives.

Ken and Becky served seven years on the mission field in Venezuela, four years in Spain (Canary Islands), and nine years doing Member Care in Asia. They have two sons, one daughter-in-law, and two grandsons. “Home” for Ken and Becky is Goshen, IN.

Note: They are intentionally relating to Globe Members in Latin America as well as serving Members in other areas as God puts it on their hearts.


Recent Updates


As our ministry role has expanded at Globe International, we are challenged with how to encourage, empower, and develop missionaries even while they are on the field. As an organization, we believe one of the most productive methods, recommended by our Member Care leader, is an on-going and on-the-job personal coaching relationship.


NOW IS THE TIME to think about becoming a missionary. That is probably the last thing you would imagine in a newsletter during this time of pandemic lockdown. Yet if you have ever felt a calling on your life, now is the best time to begin thinking and planning, and most of all praying. The coronavirus has changed us and made us question old habits. It has made us open to learning new things. The same has happened around the world, preparing people’s hearts for the Gospel.


God allowed us to travel and make heart connections before the lockdown, before the closure of many international borders. Now when we use the internet to reach out to our missionaries, we are connecting with friends.


We went to Cordoba, Argentina to visit Humberto and Evelyn Jimenez-Saint. In more than 50 years of service, they have faithfully served with little attention and no visits from the USA. Evelyn grew up as a missionary kid in Argentina. Her husband, Humberto, is from Peru, but they have both spent their adult lives and have raised their children in Cordoba, Argentina.


We sometimes think of surfing as a rich person’s sport. In Nicaragua young people from poor villages on the coast love to surf also. Mark Randall, a Globe missionary, uses surfing to reach those young people for Christ. We were able to visit him on our recent trip to Nicaragua.


One year ago, we never would have imagined where we would be at this point in life. December 2018 Ken had a brain implant to control his tremors. It took about 6 months for fine-tuning, but not only did it control the tremors, it also helped him regain expression in his face, strengthened his voice and speech, and he regained about 15 pounds that he had lost
from the constant shaking.


We helped Christy Hepner (Globe missionary) with several of the classes and enjoyed meeting the people. By October she expects to have a young couple from Globe to join her full time with this community outreach program.


God told Abraham to leave his land and his people and to go to a place where He would show him.Sometimes you know God is leading you even when you don’t have the specifics. This Member Care trip was like that. We knew the people we wanted to meet, and we had a “home base”, a place to stay between visits. We arrived in Costa Rica and most of our plans had to change.

JUL 11

On June 21 to 28 God provided for us an opportunity to visit two Globe missionary families in SW Mexico, the Gutierrez family and the Barnes family. Though we were only in Mexico for a short while, we made relationships to last a lifetime.

MAY 14

Member care for missionaries should be, and is, caring for members of the body of Christ that are sharing the Good News of God’s love around the world. When you pray for and support our ministry this is what you make possible!

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