Judy Hernandez

Missionary to Guatemala

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SERVING IN: Guatemala, Central America


Judy has worked in the mountains of Guatemala since the 1970s. Even through personal tragedy (the loss of her husband), she and her children have endured and flourished in missionary service. She founded and oversees a Christian school of 800 children. The ministry also includes a training program for village women, which helps them develop skills in computer and cosmetology.


Recent Updates


In the month of December, we were able to reach out to those of our community who were in great distress, not only with the pandemic but with two hurricanes that hit Guatemala and most of Central America. God is faithful and provided funds for these folks in need. We, as well, were able to share with our school children their Christmas gifts of warm blankets. No Christmas party this year but we did have a Christmas caravan passing through the villages where our children live and handing out blankets and candy to the children.


We have all been through this year of 2020 navigating unknown waters. Finding a new normalcy as it might be called and here we are looking to our celebration of Christmas and a New Year 2021. With hope and love of our fellow man, our faith firmly set on our belief that Jesus is Lord of our lives, and that He came to save us from the sin of this world. He is faithful always and will see us through it all. We only have to believe.


We have finished up our classes, had our graduations online, all the paperwork that goes along with final exams and classes online are finished. We all wondered if online school could really be done, it seemed impossible. Remember, we had only started our school year on January 15th and we ended March 13th. God is faithful always.


As we enter October, this is our last month of classes during this new way of teaching and learning, for us as teachers and the children as students. Classes, exams, and graduations are all online. We have held different activities for the children so it’s not all just classes and homework.


As we enter into September we are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This school year 2020 is nearing the end. October 15th we will finish with final exams and termination of what has been a very new phase of keeping up with the education of 1050 children classes online.


We here in Guatemala are going thru very difficult times just like the rest of the world. I have been hard-pressed to continue paying our staff of wonderful teachers who are trying to maintain our system of education to our children online.A huge task I must admit, much harder than giving classes normally in the classrooms. So its an extra workload for the staff, but we are carrying on. The parents are having trouble paying tuition because many are out of work themselves so to keep up with school and studies and stress of everyday life in quarantine is very hard. God is faithful and I have been able to keep up with salaries so far. I do ask for your prayers my friends during this time of affliction.


We are having to face the possibility that our school year may continue online video classes, for the rest of 2020, that would be until October. I do feel that we are doing a great job with these video classes for the whole school, kinder through 12th grade. All the classes we are filming with the help of our local cable company.


We are getting along well with our school classes online to keep our children up on their schoolwork even though they as well as the teachers are working from home. It is especially hard for parents who are having to help with homework, as well as keep up with family life.


I am trusting all is well with you. We are doing ok here. We have been in quarantine now for 4 weeks. Every week, restrictions are getting tighter. We have a super great blessed new President who is a Doctor. God had him set aside for the Guatemalan people.


How has the world changed. Just a few weeks ago were planning on our trip to the states for Globe mission conference in Pensacola and visiting several churches in Florida and Alabama. Now I have had to cancel those plans, airline tickets, and several speaking visits among the churches who support our mission at Alfa y Omega Christian school. I have decided to sit tight right here and see what God is saying to me.


I now have a new project that I want to share with you. We again need more space for our students. Our student body has grown again this year like never before. We have reached 1041 students and had to turn away many as we just did not have room for any more.


Our school population has just exploded in growth. We are at this point having to say no, we have no more space in the class rooms for any more students. We are at 1030 students for the school year 2020. God is faithful always.

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