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SERVING IN: Costa Rica, Central America


Christy Hepner began ministering in Costa Rica in 2010 when she filled-in as a nurse on campus at the orphanage, Hogar de Vida. She was asked to return the following year to organize and teach preschool on campus. She has taught children ages two to five years-old since 2011. Christy’s heart is to bring hope to the hopeless. She delights in sharing Christ with the children she works with daily.


Recent Updates


I’m excited to share with you that last month the pastor of the local church I attend asked if the Branson’s and I would help him develop a team that would work in moving missions forward in his church. We gave our first course on missions, The Unfinished Story (part of Simply Mobilizing’s materials), last month. Ten participants completed the course, including the pastor!


God is good and even though the numbers rise, and we’re not able to get out much, we were able to host the first virtual Kairos Course in Latin America! We spread the course over almost two weeks in order to keep it lighter each day. We had participants from El Salvador, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and facilitators from these same countries as well as Ecuador, Peru (joining us from the field in Iraq), Canada, and the United States. What an incredible time!


I’m so thankful for the opportunity to participate by overseeing and helping facilitate a Kairos course in early May at a discipleship training base in Heredia, Costa Rica. Since I live alone and everyone on base is pretty much stuck there, they invited me to stay with them and oversee a course. It was such a great time! It’s incredible to see God touch people’s lives throughout the course.


I hope this finds you safe and sound in the midst of this difficult time. Flights have ceased from Costa Rica to and from the U.S. The borders are closed to anyone who’s not a Costa Rican citizen. I’m well and doing my best to abide by the stay at home orders.


We made our final push to study for English exams and the kids took their tests last week! The adult English study is continuing to grow and it’s wonderful to have Corey with us on Wednesday evenings with this group. I was asked to begin helping at the orphanage Residence of Life about a month ago.


In October, Corey and Lindsey Branson (an intern missionary family through Globe International) will be joining me here in Santa Eulalia. They will be interns with me for a year. I look forward to having their help with the ministry and seeing what new things the Lord will bring with this family involved in the ministry, as well.


We continue studying together at the after school program and are working this week on an English presentation that each child must recite next week! The next round of exams should be in approximately two weeks!


Just last week, I was able to buy each of the students their own study workbooks for both Math and Spanish. Now they can work using these books during our study time. This is a tremendous help for not only me, but the parents and students as well.


Thank you to everyone who sent gifts for the kids in the after school program! We had a great time playing soccer together and then surprising the kids with their backpacks and gifts (on the afternoon of Christmas Eve)!

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