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SERVING IN: Scotland, Europe


Ryan and Christina grew up in southwest Wisconsin and met at vocational college in 1985. They have two children: Ryan who lives in Pensacola, Florida and Cassandra. Ryan, Chris and Cassy moved to Scotland in June 2004, to be a part of the team at Overtoun House. Currently, the Haneys provide a weekly Christian children’s outreach, Kinrick Kids, which meets in local primary schools and as an Overtoun Outreach. They also are involved in Overtoun ministries, Overtoun House Tea Room and at His Family Church in several ministries. Overtoun House will also provide short term housing for women in crisis, counseling and life training.


Recent Updates


FREEDOM!!! We are finally out of stay at home lockdown! We are allowed to go beyond the boundaries of our shire/county. As it progresses more and more, our prayer is that the international flight ban will be lifted so that we are able to come Stateside for the summer. Our itinerary is set and we will purchase airfare once the ban is lifted.


Springtime here at Overtoun House includes yearly re-certifications for the boilers, electrics, and the fire alarm system. Chris and I tested all 120 sounders/smoke alarms throughout the house. It is a noisy job (thankful for ear plugs), but with Chris sitting at the fire panel to reset after each test, we finished it all in one day


We are in the process of renovating a room in the basement into our Kinrick Kids studio. Schools are just now gradually reopening after months of just online/home learning. We know that after school clubs are not yet allowed and may not be for the duration of this school year. It will be GREAT to have our own space for making the ministry videos and providing live online children’s ministry.


Last month, we shared about being in lockdown. This month, we have gone into a severe lockdown (stay at home) and will remain for at least a month. The virus numbers for our area are out of control. The hospitals are nearly at their maximum. Not going to mince words, it is difficult. And YET…God’s grace, mercy and peace are with us.


In spite of being in lockdown…oh, what a busy month of ministry! ~Weekly videos were made and posted online for Kinrick Kids. ~We have children’s church online with zoom. ~Organized and delivered bags with gifts, cards and baked goods for everyone in our church. When we dropped them off, we were able to have a wee chat outside as not allowed to go inside.


Thank you for investing into our ministry with love, friendship, prayer, and support. Not just a donation; but partnering with us to make a difference! Together, we are sharing the hope of Jesus and YOU share in that blessing.


Church remains online only as it has been since March. We are allowed to visit friends outdoors in a maximum group of 6 people, so we prepared gift packages and delivered them to the homes for all of the children in our church that included a Bible story book, sweet treats, pencils, markers, stickers and enough craft kits for a month of Sundays. When we have children’s church online, we are studying a Bible story, have puppets, games and a craft.


We are HOME and currently doing our mandatory quarantine in our flat. Cassy is temporarily staying in a room upstairs. Lockdown has eased here some, yet the schools still are not having after school clubs. Kinrick Kids will still happen with us making videos and posting them onto YouTube. Our church isn’t meeting in person, but we do have services online. Cassy still leads worship every weekend and this weekend, we begin offering online children’s church.


We have another 3 weeks of traveling Stateside and arrive home mid September. We have been blessed by the churches this month. THANK YOU to Pastor Emmanuel and Trinity Lutheran Church, Pastor Andrew and Countryside Christian Fellowship, and Pastor Dave and Antioch Church. You all have a heart for partnering with us to share the Gospel and we appreciate your friendship, prayers and support.


This trip is oh so different from our usual Stateside trips. We still have a full speaking schedule but social distancing makes it a challenge to raise support. NEVER-THE-LESS… God knows and we have had some awesome surprises along the trip so far! Thank you to a very special lady in Pensacola for your amazing support! A huge thank you to Charity Chapel for housing us while we were in Pensacola!! Thank you Crosswalk Fellowship for taking care of some of our needs!


Our summer schedule is FULL! Thankful that we have places to speak to share about our ministry in Scotland at Overtoun House and Kinrick Kids. Please pray for us as we itinerate to raise our needed personal and ministry funds to meet our budget.


In spite of still being in severe lockdown, we have had a busy month! We are still making Kinrick Kids videos and posting them once a week on YouTube. Love seeing the comments from the children! The plan is to post the Kinrick Kids videos through the end of the month as Chris and I are still planning to come Stateside for the summer. PLEASE PRAY that our flights will go as planned!

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