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SERVING IN: Scotland, Europe


Ryan and Christina grew up in southwest Wisconsin and met at vocational college in 1985. They have two children: Ryan who lives in Pensacola, Florida and Cassandra. Ryan, Chris and Cassy moved to Scotland in June 2004, to be a part of the team at Overtoun House. Currently, the Haneys provide a weekly Christian children’s outreach, Kinrick Kids, which meets in local primary schools and as an Overtoun Outreach. They also are involved in Overtoun ministries, Overtoun House Tea Room and at His Family Church in several ministries. Overtoun House will also provide short term housing for women in crisis, counseling and life training.


Recent Updates


We had an awesome time helping to set up a food booth at a county fair with Antioch Church! We worked a busy shift ! I (Ryan) served BBQ and Chris helped prepare the pies into individual containers and made sandwiches. It was a busy day and we even ran out of items!


It’s always extra busy just before we come Stateside. (YES, the trip is happening…definitely in awe of how God helped us make it happen!) Ryan rewired the security/camera/phone system from one side of the house to the other. That included being harnessed while on the roof and navigating the crawl space between floors running cable. He also installed some time period looking lights in front of the house. I (Chris) have been working on travel plans and all of the prep for the children’s ministry here while we will be away for the summer.


We prepared individual craft kits for each Sunday School (children’s church) child. Enough to last Sundays from now until September. Since our church is still only able to meet online, the children can still enjoy doing a craft as well as Bible stories, puppets, songs, games and prayer during our zoom meetings.


FREEDOM!!! We are finally out of stay at home lockdown! We are allowed to go beyond the boundaries of our shire/county. As it progresses more and more, our prayer is that the international flight ban will be lifted so that we are able to come Stateside for the summer. Our itinerary is set and we will purchase airfare once the ban is lifted.


Springtime here at Overtoun House includes yearly re-certifications for the boilers, electrics, and the fire alarm system. Chris and I tested all 120 sounders/smoke alarms throughout the house. It is a noisy job (thankful for ear plugs), but with Chris sitting at the fire panel to reset after each test, we finished it all in one day


We are in the process of renovating a room in the basement into our Kinrick Kids studio. Schools are just now gradually reopening after months of just online/home learning. We know that after school clubs are not yet allowed and may not be for the duration of this school year. It will be GREAT to have our own space for making the ministry videos and providing live online children’s ministry.


Last month, we shared about being in lockdown. This month, we have gone into a severe lockdown (stay at home) and will remain for at least a month. The virus numbers for our area are out of control. The hospitals are nearly at their maximum. Not going to mince words, it is difficult. And YET…God’s grace, mercy and peace are with us.


In spite of being in lockdown…oh, what a busy month of ministry! ~Weekly videos were made and posted online for Kinrick Kids. ~We have children’s church online with zoom. ~Organized and delivered bags with gifts, cards and baked goods for everyone in our church. When we dropped them off, we were able to have a wee chat outside as not allowed to go inside.



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