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LaVoy “Johnny” and Pat Hall founded Halls to Israel Ministries when they began leading short-term mission trips to Israel in 2003. They continue to host work and humanitarian trips while touring the country and offering the experience of Israeli culture to those wanting to experience the land of the Bible. Volunteers are able to minister to those in need through servant evangelism on each work trip, each of which usually lasts two to three weeks with four to fourteen volunteers.

The ministry originally focused on helping single mothers, Holocaust survivors and victims of terrorism, but it has since grown, branched out, and able to support Messianic believers in times of dire need, as well. The Halls partner with multiple, like-minded ministries including As.We.Go, Ot OoMofet, Healthcare Believers Fellowship and the HaMayaan Congregation.

In 2008, Johnny and Pat launched a feeding program that provided temporary assistance in the form of food vouchers for needy Israeli families trying to get back on their feet. This outreach has proven to be an excellent way to not only help families in need but to help open doors that provide countless ways for the L-rd to touch the hearts of many Israeli people. The ministry has been able to lead many Jews to Christ and help mend the hearts of His chosen people. The Halls continue as volunteers today leading work and tour trips multiple times a year, growing their feeding program and expanding their monetary support to include purchasing supplies and equipment, paying outstanding bills and helping connect and fund pertinent medical care and counseling services for the needy. 

Johnny and Pat graduated from Liberty Bible College in their twenties and were members of Liberty Church in Pensacola, Florida for 29 years where they served in various ministerial positions. In 2001, they became members of Northridge Church in Pensacola where Johnny has since retired from work. After Pat retired in 2019 from the pharmacy industry, Johnny and Pat moved to Hayes, Virginia to be near their grandchildren. They have two daughters, Hope and Heather, and two grandsons from Hope: Dylan and Brody. Both daughters are married and assist with the ministry on a part-time basis.

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