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As the Directors of Church Relationship and Recruitment, Scott and Dawn foster cohesive relationships between Globe missionaries, partnering churches and like-minded organizations for greater ministry opportunities, creative resourcing, and strategic training. Scott also functions as an emissary for Globe and Globe missionaries, advocating for strategic global training, sending, and serving of Globe members.

Scott and Dawn have been associated with Globe International for most of their adult lives. Scott served as Globe’s Office Manager from 2006 to 2009. Previously he served as the Executive Director for Dick Reuben Evangelistic Association, as the Dean of Students for the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, and as the Missions Pastor for Liberty Church. Scott founded the Mordecai Brown Legacy Foundation in 2003, which he later brought to Globe International as a strategic sports ministry outreach.

Scott and Dawn have three children, Zachary, Kaitlyn, and Aaron. Scott is a published author and an award-winning documentarian.

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While in the midst of our expectancy to permanently move, we are experiencing forward motion and open doors. During 2018 Dawn & I were privileged to be a part of Globe’s largest single year for adding new missionaries.

JUL 26

Globe has affirmed our hearts’ call & is sending us to Orlando to establish a Globe International Hub City Base for international outreach & church planting. Please pray as we redirect our lives to focus on the international communities of Orlando!

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