Sandy Britnell


SERVING IN: Nicaragua , Central America
MINISTRY FOCUS: Mercy Ministry


Sandy Britnell began her life career as a missionary at the age of 13, in the jungles of Columbia, South America. Sandy’s parents, along with she and her siblings, established a mission outpost to the interior native tribes of Colombia.

Sandy later served and ministered in Germany, Russia, and the United States, prior to moving with her family to Nicaragua in 1998. There they built a large orphanage in mountains of Jinotega, taking care of up to 60 Nicaraguan children at a time. In 2005 Sandy purchased 70 acres outside the capital city of Managua. Two years later she opened a second orphanage in Los Cedros, specifically to care for abandoned and abused babies.

Sandy now travels extensively raising funds for the further care of the children in Nicaragua, while simultaneously recruiting missionaries, volunteers and teams to help with the everyday ministry activities. Sandy serves as a member of the Globe International Leadership Team and as well as Globe’s Director of Humanitarian Aid.


Recent Updates


God continues to change lives and bring hope and joy to so many children and their families. While I would not have chosen this path, I see clearly that God, in His sovereignty, made it possible. Thanks to you for your prayers and amazing outpouring of love and support!!


Our daily goal is to present the love and saving power of our Heavenly Father to each of our students. Many have responded to the salvation message. Each student eagerly participates in our devotionals. God is leading us in a direction we never dreamed we would go! Thanks to His unending love and guidance, our open doors are a first step to helping those less fortunate who not only dream about a better future but actually have a chance to grasp it!


At the present we have over half of our children now attending classes in our new vocational center! They also get to hang out with each other after classes and we dedicate Saturdays to them. Our staff has been visiting and keeping an eye on those living further up in the mountains, which is quite the hike! We have been delivering food to the families and caretakers of the children and, where needed, we have been involved in reconstruction of some of the homes lost in the hurricane, or constructing additions to others.


Sunday was the launch day and the response from the community was tremendous! We purchased sixty extra chairs in anticipation of our guests, but still had to bring out every chair in the building! Monday, we dedicated the entire day to meetings with the teachers to go over the guidelines and to share our hearts. Tuesday was opening day and once again we were overwhelmed with the response from the community. We had planned for 25-50 children, but 130 showed up that day to register for one of the six classes we offer!!


Before I left Nicaragua, I was able to meet with Nelson, Ivonne, and Patricia, who prepared our Feasibility Study of community needs in the area. We are so excited about what lies ahead for our new and expanded ministry! Thank you so much for staying with us these many years!


Thank you for the overwhelming outpouring of love and acceptance after the Nicaraguan government abruptly forced the closure of our 22 year old home for abandoned children. We appreciate your grace and generous offers to continue to stand strong with us as we locate the children and continue to care for them, even though it’s a more challenging ministry.

Thank you for your prayers as we seek God for specific areas of need (and there are many), and move forward to minister and bless the children and communities in a broader area of Jinotega.


What the kids are learning during the pandemic
“The whole Covid-19 process has been very difficult but has not taken our happiness away. We are following all of the necessary measures, and although wearing a mask is not fun, we know it saves lives! We all continue to look to God, knowing He is protecting and taking care of us. Despite the pandemic, I know God is righteous and our lives are in His hands.”

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