Corey & Lindsey Branson

Costa Rica

SERVING IN: Costa Rica, Central America


Hola! We are Corey and Lindsey and we have three young children by the names of Cooper, Londyn, and Carter! God has called us to Latin American missions. In the summer of 2018, while on a trip to Costa Rica, we received confirmation from God that this is where He wants our family.

Our ministry here is multifaceted:

Mobilization – We are partnering with the pastor of the local church we attend in order to help his church become a missional church.  We help facilitate courses that introduce what it means to be on mission with God and we are working with the pastor to build a missions team within the church body and disciple them to prepare them to go out and reach others.

Youth – We’ve also been asked to mentor and be a sounding board for the leadership of the youth in the church.  With our background in youth ministry, we’re thrilled to be able to help in this way, to work with these leaders, and to build relationships with the youth group as a whole to be able to share the importance of their part in missions, even at a young age.

Community – God has given us the opportunity to rent a space right across from the primary school here in our community.  He has given us a vision for this center; to be able to use it to bridge the gap between the church and the community as a whole.  We are working to help various people with different talents in this community and in our church here take ownership in this new ministry by way of offering classes focused on these specific talents (for example, guitar lesson).  This center is a place where people of all ages can come and meet with friends for coffee, to study, to have Bible studies and discipleship groups.  We are utilizing it as well for further missions training courses and to be able to offer English and Math help to the children and teenagers of the community.  This community needs a welcoming Christian environment for those of all ages. Our ultimate goal is for it to be self-sustaining.

We are an open vessel, willing to go and do what God calls us to do in order to further His kingdom. 

With that, we need your help! We need people like you to partner with us through prayer and financial support. Your financial partnership you will make a difference for the kingdom of God in the people of Costa Rica and around the world!

Thank you and God bless you!


Recent Updates


El Puente is seeing more life through a variety of ways. We are currently facilitating two adult English classes, two children’s English classes, the discipleship training, and guitar lessons. At the end of this month, a women’s service is scheduled to be held there as well. Pastor’s wife dreams of having these services monthly, in El Puente, with the hope that other women in the community are also drawn to join in. This is an exciting ministry opportunity that has been presented to Lindsey recently.


We started with reintegrating ourselves back into the youth group here. We had the privilege of helping with a youth camp earlier this year and, just recently, were invited to tag-team a youth service and share our testimonies. In the vulnerability of us and the two main youth leaders showing these teenagers that we all have a story and God wants us just as we are, we saw God really move. 13 teenagers came forward to rededicate their lives or accept Jesus for the first time! The weekly youth services have had such a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit. They’re growing spiritually and in number. It really is amazing!


We would like to introduce you to the newest addition of our family Carter William Branson! We hope you and your family are filled with peace and joy this Christmas season. We are looking forward to the new year and all that God is going to do. Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Thank you for partnering with us!


We are beginning to really be a part of the church here in Santa Eulalia, and the youth pastors have reached out to us for guidance and assistance in teaching students about serving and reaching others for Christ. We are starting to discuss discipleship plans to begin helping them create and send disciples locally and eventually nationally.


We are in the beginning stages of structuring an online Bible club. Through this, the elementary age children of this community will be able to learn more about Jesus. Our desire is that the local churches and the youth of the churches assist us in the production of these videos. Ministry can’t stop because of a global pandemic.

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