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SERVING IN: Hungary, Europe

Michael and Shirley Bradley are called to the nations. For 20 years they have lived and served the Lord in Iceland, Hungary, and Andros Island, Bahamas, and Turkey. Recently the Lord opened the door for them to return to Debrecen, Hungary to a people and a land that they love very deeply. Joining hearts with a Hungarian pastor as members of a ministry team in an international church called A Ház (The House) their primary emphasis is the English speaking congregation mostly university students from several African nations. Michael teaches a student discipleship study group and often teaches the men’s ministry and preaches. By reaching these young men and women for Christ and discipling them, they have the opportunity to prepare the next generation of potential leaders that will one day return to their countries. Shirley assists in discipleship, helps the children’s ministry program as an advisor, shares in the women’s ministry and has opened their home for an art club for teenaged girls that is designed to help them develop their artistic talents and sow into their lives spiritual truths. The Body of Christ is being strengthened by Michael’s gifting as an encourager to pastors, a Bible teacher and mentor of new believers. Shirley enjoys children. Her creative talents have reached children through Fine Art Camps, training others that have a heart for children and teaching ladies Bible studies. We deeply appreciate your caring support in committed intercessory prayer, encouragement and your financial gifts.


Recent Updates


Each day we remember all the Lord has done for us and we look forward to spending eternity with Him. So, today with us, knowing that tomorrow it will be today once again, is your driving force love and surrender to Jesus, listening for His voice, hearing Him and responding to Him in a manner that pleases Him each day? Embrace Him, Beloved. He invites us to come unto Him. He waits. He lovingly responds.


It delights us to pray around the globe and know that as we pray collectively for these specific needs lives are being transformed. We still need to look up where some of the tiny island nations are located as we pray for the nations. The Lord asks His children to lovingly stay connected to Him, to be faithful, to follow Him, to love others, and make Him known.


Two more of our precious students have graduated as doctors. Both will continue to further their studies as the Lord opens the doors. They are applying to the UK, Canada and the USA. Chukwuma wants to be a research doctor for pediatric cancers. Chioma will do a year of residency in Nigeria as she awaits to go abroad.


Beloved, you are precious to us, thank you for serving with us through your faithful prayers, your generosity and your love. We are so grateful to the Lord for you. May you continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and forever. Amen.


The Lord has opened the door for me to once again teach the university students at A Haz in Debrecen, Hungary for their Friday night Bible studies. No, we are not flying back to Hungary at this time but we are connecting together with them via Skype.


Pastor Misi baptized 5 college students from A Haz recently using the outdoor swimming pool at Dorcas Camping Grounds, a Christian retreat center that is a few miles outside of Debrecen, Hungary. Enjoy these baptismal photos and celebrate with all of us that these precious young people have followed Christ in faith and obedience by giving public testimony of their identification with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection, just as Paul wrote to the Galatians, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me…” Praise the name of Jesus! It was a beautiful warm fall day for them and after the baptisms, the church folks swam and had a picnic lunch together.


Our students that graduated this year and are now doctors are waiting for their intern placements. It blesses us when they email. From the last A Haz weekly photos Gabor sent, we were pleased to see new faces.


We celebrated our 51st anniversary on the 7th. It was special as always and we are filled with thanksgiving to Father who has given us so many years together to grow in love, His love, for each other, and to learn more and more what it means to be “one flesh.” It took us a while to realize that didn’t mean my flesh one day and Shirley’s the next but His plan is unity in His Spirit completing each other as He has designed us to be to each other. Did you ever notice completing and competing are similarly spelled but totally opposite in meaning?


Our church is opening for services on June 14th. We are still using masks for our occasional shopping trips and will plan to do the same until we have peace about removing them. How about you, has your church opened its doors to physical presence for worship yet? Quite a change isn’t it from what we have been used to? And how have you felt about worship at home? Are you anxious to come back into the community again or are you enjoying live streaming worship in bed with your coffee or tea and toast?


Continue to pray for wisdom for our governing authorities, they need God’s wisdom as they make decisions. Cautiously and anxiously people are peeking their heads out the door as governors and city council members try to decide when and how to give citizens the freedom to begin to go back to work and to do more than just the foundational shopping of keeping food and toiletries in stock.

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