Laura & Jacob Bacon

Medical Missionary Nicaragua

SERVING IN: International
MINISTRY FOCUS: Mercy Ministry



Jacob and I are excited to go on a medical mission trip this year from July 26th to August 9th to the city of Man, located in the northwestern region of Ivory Coast in Africa. We were personally invited to join this medical team to work with a missionary friend of mine, Kristine McLaughlin, with Baptist International Ministries Inc, in reaching the lost in a largely unreached area. Man is in a mountainous area on the eastern edge of the Nimba Range where the main religion is animism. There is little to no Christian influence there, however, the team has found that medicine is an effective way to open the door to the Gospel


Have you ever felt God was preparing you, but you didn’t know for what? That’s just how my father felt. For an entire year, God began to give my dad teaching lessons, about God’s character, His love, how God’s children should respond to trials in this life… and SO much more! God ‘downloaded’ the material first, and then unfolded His plan for my dad to go to Nicaragua and teach the children in the orphanage in Jinotega with us.

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