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SERVING IN: United States
MINISTRY FOCUS: Church Planting


Danny & Judy Armstrong have been missionaries with Globe since 1986. They spent their first years in Indonesia launching a Bible School to train church planters and church workers. They then lived in Malaysia working with an International team of church planters in Southern Thailand. During this time they partnered with others to launch the Center for Southeast Asian Studies in Thailand. In 2000 Danny and Judy moved back to the US and have been focused on mobilizing and equipping churches and individuals to reach the unreached of the world. In October 2011 they became part of the Globe leadership team and now serve as Directors for Training and Internships.


Recent Updates


We have launched our online Candidate School – a new development—which will culminate in a required four-day session here in Pensacola. This will enable our candidates to get a lot of their training done prior to coming here to Pensacola, so they won’t feel quite as much pressure to take in so much information in a short week here. We believe this is going to be a great improvement. Much of this has been made possible with the help of one of our intern couples who have not been able to depart for their field of service yet due to COVID restrictions.


While COVID is keeping some of our missionaries from the countries of their calling, God is using some of them here at Globe while they wait. We have formed a task force which we are calling the Frontier Initiative Task Force. The purpose is to move forward as an organization to see disciple making movements among unreached groups both here in the US as immigrants or refugees and in other countries across the Globe. We are meeting as a group regularly and setting goals and action plans. One of our primary goals is mobilizing workers to go! It’s great having these young missionaries with their enthusiasm, fresh ideas, and energy to move this vision forward.


There is much upheaval in our country right now – questions regarding the election, division in our nation, continuing increase in COVID cases around the world! Above it all, let us remember that Jesus is still Lord, God is the King of Kings, and His plan will be accomplished! Mt. 24:14 Thank you for doing your part in seeing the Great Commission completed!


What a year 2020 has been! We are so grateful for your faithfulness in prayer and financial support through all of the ups and downs of the past year. We could not do what we do without people like you standing with us.


We are thankful that God’s mission and vision goes on. We hear of revival and salvations taking place in the U.S. and in other countries. Missionaries who are “stuck” here in the States are still being used of God where they are.


It has been two weeks since Sally hit. Much cleanup is underway but much remains to be done. Most have their electricity and water back on, as well as the internet. However, as I write this, Globe is still without internet and phones. We have been working using a hotspot, but we hope it won’t be long till we are connected again and have our phone service back. All financial donations are being documented and the missionaries will be cared for. Please continue to pray for Pensacola and the Gulf Coast as we recover.


As I write this, here at Globe we are preparing for our first virtual Candidate School. It will definitely be different, but we believe it will be good.


For the first time ever, we will be conducting our Candidate School virtually. God has not stopped calling people and thankfully people are still responding to follow God’s leading. September 14-18, eight candidates will be joining Globe and going through this training.


On the ministry front, our first-ever virtual missionary retreat was a huge success. We had 100 or more in attendance each of the three days and all of the feedback has been very positive. We had general sessions each day with the opportunity for participants to ask questions at the conclusion of each session. We also had breakout rooms for fellowship, prayer, or further questions. Danny and I oversaw one of the rooms for fellowship and enjoyed it so much!


We definitely had a different kind of Candidate School this time. The Coronovirus was just cranking up when Candidate
School happened. We had to work quickly to shorten Candidate School 101 from five days to four and Candidate
School 201 from three days to one. We had Candidates from outside the US stuck here rather than being able to
return to their countries. One of our Candidate’s flight was cancelled twice before she was finally able to fly home to
her home state. With all of that, we had a great time getting to know our new Globe missionaries. What a great group!!

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