Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Missionary

Am I able to join Globe International if I am not a U.S. citizen?

Globe is a foreign missions sending agency and accepts applications only from U.S. citizens. Green card holders can apply under special circumstances where they plan to serve in the U.S. and will not be living outside of the U.S while serving with Globe. All other visa holders, or conditional green card holders, will not be considered for membership. Applicants, when approved for membership are subject to all applicable U.S. labor laws and must be eligible for employment based on the laws of the United States.

How long should I go on my first commitment?

Globe recommends that you plan to serve in a Globe SD (Short Duration of 3-12 months) or a Globe FX (Full Experience of 1-3 years) Intern service experience. We can help you find the right fit! A service experience of this length will help you serve a genuine need on the field within a trusted ministry, will give you valuable field experience, and will confirm that this IS or IS NOT a career possibility for you.

Some things in other cultures are weird. Do I need to adjust to them?

The apostle Paul said, “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some (1 Cor. 9:19-23). Your attempt to adjust to other cultural preferences – food, customs, traditions, dress, forms and their meanings – will be uncomfortable initially but eventually will empower you to communicate and build genuine friendships with people of other cultures. You should be a life-long student of culture!

Do I need to study a language?

That depends on where and with whom you will serve. If the people are English-speaking you may not need to study a language. But, in every other case, you MUST learn another language. It is the only way you will ever have long term impact. Language skills help you make new friends, especially when they see how hard you are working to learn THEIR LANGUAGE so you can communicate from the heart with them.

Does Globe help me with partnership development (fund raising)?

YES. Globe partners with KCT to train our members in partnership development. There is a cost to this training, but our experience has taught us that the investment is worth the time and expense many times over. Partnership development is like learning how to play a musical instrument. At first it is difficult and unnatural, but eventually you learn how to make beautiful music (i.e. tell your story in an inspirational way so people WANT to partner with you!).

How long does does it take to raise funds before I can leave?

Fund raising, or “partnership development” is different for every goer. After you know your prospective budget, you will start building your potential donor base. Your connections with friends, churches, businesses and family members, plus your disciplined approach to telling your story, all determine how long it will take to raise your budget. Typically, a person or couple will develop partnerships (part-time work) for six to eighteen months and then (full time work) complete their fund raising for another three to six months before departure to their assignment.

How much money will I need to raise?

An agency like Globe will help you assess your budgetary needs. Globe will look at your marital status (single, married, married with children), the place where you plan to live, the cost of living common to that area, the kind of ministry you will do (including schools, travel and other factors), initial set up costs, and the basic standard of living you expect for yourself. Then, with this knowledge, Globe will help create a target budget.

What do I do FIRST when I'm ready to go?

Get your house in order. Get out of debt. Be sure all of your primary relationships are healthy. Consult with your church leadership and ask them to pray with you. Contact Globe, start the application process, and ask us to guide and coach you in this important journey.

Should I visit the mission field on a short term trip?

If you can, YES. Short term mission trips are a great way to confirm a call from God. A short term trip is NOT the same as a career, or even a one or two-year Internship experience (Internships last longer than the “honeymoon exhilaration” of a short term mission trip). But, short term missions can be a powerful way to experience Christ’s love for the world and opportunities for service.

Do I need to study theology?

Understanding the great themes of the Bible is a goal of every serious Christ-follower. Especially if you are called by God to preach and teach His Word, you should do everything you can to learn the Bible and understand its history and great doctrines.

Should I study missions courses?

Yes! There are many opportunities to learn about Christ’s global cause – at church, in many local and/or online Christian Bible Schools, colleges, and universities, through the Perspective Course and through mission books and other types of study material. Don’t be as concerned with getting a degree as becoming a life-long learner who is hungry to grow in your understanding of God’s World, the people of the world, and Christ’s Great Commission cause.

What education do I need?

You should have at least a high school diploma (or equivalent GED) to apply for service with Globe International. Globe does not require you to have a college degree, but under graduate or graduate work is always a plus. As a pre-requisite for service with Globe International, you must satisfactorily complete the Perspectives course at a Certificate or higher level.

How do I prepare for missionary service?

To pursue a call of God to ministry or missions service is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It is worth all the preparation you can do. A solid personal relationship with Jesus, a disciplined habit of Bible study and prayer, an openness to the leading and promptings of the Holy Spirit, active involvement within your church, regular service and witness to your community, and a habit of giving your tithe and of financially supporting global missions are all essential foundations that will go a long way in getting you ready to serve in fulltime ministry in another culture.

Church & Pastoral Relationship

Should I have more than one church supporting me?

The short answer is most definitely yes. God has given His mandate to the church and it is exciting to see many churches today with a passion to reach the unreached with the Gospel. An evangelist or global minister may have many supporting churches, but often only one sending church. The role that a sending church plays depends on the capacity and desire of the church. Within the supporting church relationship, each partner has a specific role based on their vision, ability and capacity.

Does Globe require that I be licensed or ordained (credentialed) through my local church?

Globe International does not require that you be licensed or ordained through an incorporated religious organization to become a member of Globe. Your sending church may require otherwise in order to support you in your ministry. This then becomes a matter between the individual and their sending church or fellowship, and will not have bearing on the application or acceptance process to Globe.

Do I need to be a member of a local church to join Globe?

Every new Globe International applicant must be a member-in-good-standing of a local church and have their pastor’s endorsement. Globe expects its ministry members to maintain strong ties with their home church and supporters. Pastors are encouraged to stay involved with their Globe International ministers by providing pastoral leadership and counsel to them, as well as visiting them in their place of ministry. The church and Globe not only need each other; we are together a stronger support for the one who is sent.

What resources does Globe provide for my church?

No two partnerships between a church and Globe look exactly alike. Globe’s partnership resourcing and interaction is flexible to meet the needs of the individual local church. When a church begins a partnership with Globe, we offer the church leadership the opportunity to discuss what resources the church would like to have in this partnership.

Globe purposes to assist the church with its call to global evangelism. Globe comes alongside local congregations as a specialized agency providing cross-cultural expertise, world-view fellowship, missional guidance, and other services. Some of the services which Globe provides to church partner are, however not limited to:

  • Assistance in Recruitment and Vetting of Potential Global Ministers and Evangelists
  • Collaborated Affirmation God’s Call on Potential Global Ministers and Evangelists
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Cross-Cultural Training
  • Biblical World-View Education
  • Member Care
  • Leadership and Accountability
  • Media Training Resources
  • CPM & DMM Partnership
  • Global Ministry Network
  • Support Funding Advisement
  • Administrative Support Coordination
  • Missional Church Culture Advisement and Coaching
Does Globe provide personal and ministerial oversight in cooperation my church?

Globe works diligently to provide administrative and ministerial services in conjunction with the churches its members represent. Globe leadership believes we have been called by God to work side by side with the local church to “Go… to all the world…making disciples…” With this in mind, Globe’s policy is to involve local church leadership, as much as is reasonably possible, in the decision-making process relating to any major ministry changes in life. Unless other arrangements are made with a sending church or fellowship, generally speaking, Globe assumes the primary role in overseeing mission personnel, in terms of the strategic and pastoral application.

Does Globe offer Member Care?

Globe offers Member Care to each our members and their families. Globe provides Member Care in cooperation with each of our member’s personal pastoral oversight. By design, Globe seeks to underpin and strengthen the triangulated relationship of the member, their pastor, and Globe as an organization. Globe will work alongside the pastoral covering of its members, in order to achieve the greatest good for the member.

How does Globe relate to my pastor?

Globe promotes pastoral involvement in their global ministers, as well as requiring pastoral relationships for all Globe members. Globe welcomes consultation with pastors and carefully considers such input in relation to their member’s personal life and ministry. Each Globe member will be asked to complete a “Memo of Understanding” with Globe and their pastoral leadership. This document will clarify each party’s roles in the ongoing sending/supporting process. This strategic symbiosis requires that all Globe members are accountable to both Globe and their pastor.

How does Globe partner with the local church?

Globe International partners with local churches in this process serving as a structure for the church to send forth disciples in spreading the Gospel. Globe serves to strengthen the local church by working in cooperation with its vision to fulfill the Great Commission. By offering resources, administration, collaborative oversight, training opportunities, sending mechanisms, and sustained service to their evangelists and global ministers, Globe creates a foundational path for the local church to fulfill is mandate in God’s call to love the whole earth.

What is Globe’s relationship to the local church?

God’s pattern for world evangelization was given to His people, and from the beginning believers gathered themselves into congregations for the purpose of nurturing, teaching, and outreach. One of the greatest examples of this comes from the church at Antioch in Acts 13:14, as the Holy Spirit sent out the first Christ-followers on mission. As a Christ- centered organization, Globe is guided by the scriptural evidence of the New Testament pattern for the church to ignite world evangelization.


I have my own vision. Will Globe accept me?

Yes! We love people with vision and love to support new and unique ministries. If you don’t have any full time ministry or mission experience, we will probably encourage you to serve under a seasoned leader for an “internship” (SD and FX) period in a like-kind field of interest so you can gain helpful experience and be better prepared and empowered to succeed. Give us a call and let’s talk!

Does Globe do Short Term Missions Trips

Globe offers “Short Duration” (SD) intern opportunities from 3-12 months long, and also “Full Experience” (FX) intern opportunities for 1-3 years. Most local churches and other groups do short term (ST) trips (one or two weeks) well, and many Globe personnel organize trips to their field locations in connection with local churches, so we can help you find ST opportunities and can offer you SD options as well.

How long before I can get going?

That depends on our “ready” you are. The application process at Globe helps us and you determine where you are your journey towards service. All things being equal, usually the biggest time challenges in the going process are, (1) the disconnections from your current obligations (job, house ownership, debt, etc.) and (2) fund raising.

Do I need to create a 501c3 non-profit organization?

No. Globe serves as your giving point for fund raising. As your overseeing 501c3 organization, we also provide your donors the tax receipts they need. We do encourage you to create your own ministry “brand” (with a name, logo, trademark and etc.) that will go on the headliner of your newsletters and media. This helps your donors and prayer partners identify with you and your vision. Our staff can help you with that too!

Why do I need a sending agency?

A sending agency like Globe specializes in the care and service of “people on mission” – whether you are going around the corner or around the globe. They are experts in all the challenges and details of a person going into itinerant ministry, and can provide excellent financial services, mailing and database services, fund raising training, donor communication training and support, connections and resources from many other related people and organizations, and more.

Member Care

Does Member Care include the local church?

Globe recognizes and values the importance of the pastoral care from the member’s local church. Member Care Directors, as well as the Globe Leadership Team, will stay in contact with each Globe member’s pastor or church representative in order to maintain good care and support of our global ministers on the field. Globe encourages each of our members to maintain strong ties with their local church leadership and to include them in communications, counsel, and overall pastoral care needs.

When does Member Care begin and end in Globe?

Member Care begins with the new Globe member receiving his/her call to go and continues through the senior member’s call to leave his/her country of calling. It also covers the Global member who returns after a few years, maybe even a few months, due to any number of circumstances.

How do I connect with Globe’s Member Care?

Globe’s Directors of Member Care liaise with Area Representatives, who regularly contact Globe members. The Directors of Member Care and Area Representatives are available via Skype, Facetime, phone, etc., whether for a friendly chat or to discuss specific personal and ministerial needs. Location visits may also happen by the Directors of Members Care, Area Representatives, or Leadership Team members.

How does Member Care work within Globe?

Globe International has dedicated Directors of Member Care and established Area Representatives across the world. Area Representatives have personal experience with life in specific geographical locations, such as Europe or Asia as an example. Representatives are available for the global minister to contact and are proactive in contacting, praying with, and helping the Globe member find the resources he/she needs on the field.

What is Member Care?

Member Care with Globe is care for the global minister and his/her family, as well as working on co-operation with the his/her home church to provide prayer support, counseling and mentoring, helping with adjustments on the field, and other needs as they arise.

Does Globe provide Member Care?

Yes. Member Care is fully integrated in Globe and helps provide training, retreats and liaising within the Globe Leadership Team, as well as providing available resources available to support the global minister.


Does Globe ever divert money away from it's purpose?

No. Globe always puts donations into the account stipulated by the donor. Legally, we must state that we have the ‘right’ to do anything we want with donations, but in fact we WANT to put into the account that is requested by the donor.

Is there an administration fee?

Yes. Globe retains ten percent of all receipts to help us keep the lights on and pay our professional staff (who come to work every day just to serve YOU).

How much do I need to raise?

Every approved Globe candidate is required to go through our Candidate School. During Candidate School we sit down with you personally and help you create a customized budget that is based upon your personal status (single, married, married with children), local on work, travel needs, expected standard of living, and more.

What about GoFundMe and Paypal?

There are many popular giving websites and services available these days. Globe in fact functions just like these sites, so they are not needed when you join Globe! We offer many ways to give – checks, bank drafts, credit cards, and simple, clickable online giving and receipting. Globe has the added benefit of providing all of our donors a tax deduction for their contributions. We also have a long, reputable history of service that helps donors have confidence in their giving.

How do I raise funds to get started in my work?

Globe requires all candidates to take a short, intensive fund raising (partnership development) training course that will help you get started. Partnership Development is a skill, like learning to play a musical instrument. The more you practice the better you get. God is also right there beside you to inspire you and help you “tell your story” to potential partners who will give and pray for you.

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