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Alpha y Omega Christian School

By adding a third floor to the existing building of Alpha y Omega Christian School in Guatemala, and creating an entirely online video curriculum, we will accommodate three hundred more students in K-12 grades.

  • Initial Goal of $70,000 | PLUS $5,851 100% 100%

Beacon of Hope

Upgrading and expanding facilities that will support orphan teenagers as they prepare for adulthood. These include digging a well for clean water, & renovating an existing building to provide new usable spaces.

  • Initial Goal of $60,000 | PLUS $2700 100% 100%

Biblical Storytellers of Asia

One thousand new Storytellers will immediately begin studying at the new Storyteller Training Center in South Asia, multiplying again the evangelism and church planting successes of over 1,500 other trained Biblical storytellers.

  • Initial Goal of $100,000 | PLUS $150,000 100% 100%

Compassion for Asia

Fifty children who are homeless, orphaned, and living in poverty will be served through the expansion of the sponsorship program and children’s homes in Kathmandu, Nepal through Compassion For Asia.

  • Initial Goal of $225,000 | PLUS $6836 100% 100%

Disaster Relief

The Globe Disaster Relief Fund will continue this legacy of rapid response to disasters where Globe has active presence through our personnel and other relational connections.

  • Initial Goal : $175,000 | Need: $45,054 70% 70%

Frontiers Initiative

Teams of LONG-TERM MISSIONARIES in partnership with SENDING CHURCHES live with targeted Unreached People Groups for five years and, with God’s help, start church planting movements that will spread through the entire people group.

  • Initial Goal: $300,000 | Need: $202,759 5% 5%

Global Launch Center

The Global Launch Center is a Home away from Home for the Globe missionary family. Outdoor expansion plans include a children’s play area, a covered patio, a covered pavilion for larger gatherings, RV parking spaces. These amenities add to the experience of providing a safe and nurturing home for Globe’s family and their friends to gather for rest, renewal, and strategic training for more fruitful work.

  • Initial Goal of $130,000 0% 0%

Headquarters Infrastructure

Since 1973, Globe has provided state-of-the-art services in finance, database management, media production, ministry training, and personal care for our missionary family. Today Globe serves nearly 100 missionaries in 25 countries across the world. Globe leadership and staff daily provide the infrastructure for these and other essential systems and services, giving our missionaries the ability to work effectively and increase impact.

  • Initial Goal: $220,000 | Need: $214,450 2.25% 2.25%


Globe is partnering with a Brazilian church network with a three million strong Brazili INSTE into Brazilian Portuguese, and then will promote INSTE to the network. They believe over 30,000 members will sign up to take INSTE!

  • Initial Goal of $120,000 100% 100%

Jinotega Christian Academy

The expansion of Jinotega Christian Academy in Nicaragua. By adding ten classrooms on a second floor, and a covered recreation area, we will offer classes K -12 to children who have few options or opportunities.

  • Initial Goal of $100,000 | PLUS $224,903 100% 100%

Jinotega Community Center

Providing a pre-vocational training center with 6 different classes, daily Bible teaching and devotionals, and meals for young people at Jinotega Community Center in Nicaragua. Additionally, providing adult education classes for reading and writing.

  • Initial Goal of $100,000 | PLUS $34,107 100% 100%

Member Care

Globe International’s commitment to “Take Care of Your People” (The Lord’s words at the beginning of this campaign) is our mandate. OUR PEOPLE are our greatest asset. Globe’s Member Care Team serves our missionary family so they can serve the nations in Jesus’ name.

  • Initial Goal : $150,000 | Need : $124,400 17% 17%

Mobilization & Development

The Mobilization Department is committed to recruiting 100 new Globe missionaries in the next five years. Among these new missionaries, we will send teams to live with targeted Unreached People Groups for five years to start church planting movements among those people groups, as well as sending those called to work in the areas of education, widow and orphan care, church planting, and discipleship.

  • Initial Goal of $250,000 | Need: $243,200 .12% .12%

Pescaditos Del Salvador

Child Care & Resource Center providing Christ-centered care and education to over 100 families.  Fostering a safe and loving environment for children and families to grow together.

  • Initial Goal of $50,000 | PLUS $27,658 100% 100%

Roads of Hope

Assisting older orphans at Roads of Hope in Moldova, who are rescued from the darkness of sex trafficking, to better transition into adulthood by expanding their facility to provide living quarters for older teenagers and apartment rooms for young adults.

  • Initial Goal of $50,000 | PLUS $50 100% 100%

Contact Director of Development , Scott Brown for more information



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