An Update from Doug


JULY, 2019

By Doug Gehman

The Globe Expo in April went off beyond our expectations! Over 300 people gathered at Pensacola’s New World event center – along with delegates from an impressive list of mission organizations who partner with us in the GLOBE UPG INITIATIVE. Together we join an army of other agencies and goers to tackle “The Unfinished Task” to bring the gospel to 3.1 billion people who have not yet heard.

• Wycliffe Bible Translators
• The Seed Company
• The Jesus Film Project
• Global Frontier Mission
• MetaCamp with Curtis Sergeant
• Filter of Hope
• Globe International

Now we ramp up.

• July: Greg, Globe’s Director of Discipleship, leads a team to Asia to continue exploring opportunities in two countries. Several new candidates are on that team, who will move to Asia in the near future. This is Greg’s fourth trip to the region. In time we will establish a permanent base.
• September: Beth and I join a “Faith Comes By Hearing” conference in New Mexico that gathers to raise up partners to bring the scriptures to unreached peoples.
• October: I will join delegates from The Jesus Film Project in Nashville to explore partnership development to bring the Jesus Film to unreached people who still need this tool in their language.
• $1,000,000 goal. We are BOLDLY asking God for His bountiful provision for this vision. We want to mobilize the entire GLOBE FAMILY of missionaries to the challenge:

o In reached nations they can help by striking vision in national Christians and churches.
o In unreached nations they can challenge the emerging church to get on mission to near neighbors.
o Globe is taking up the challenge to mobilize a new army of missionaries to go from North America and the Globe Network sending nations to unreached peoples in Asia and Africa.

This is no easy task. In fact, the challenge is daunting. Yet it must be done. We cannot talk about obedience to the Great Commission without talking about unreached peoples.

Thank you for joining us on this mission… in your prayers, in your giving, and by sending and going! You are making a huge difference all over the world.