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What is the Unreached People Groups Initiative?

Nearly 7000 People Groups with No Witness, No Scripture, and No Church in Their Midst.

Goal: Within ten years our targeted “UPG’s” will have a viable indigenous church that is strong enough to reach their own people.
Strategy: To immediately recruit, train and send new missionaries to our targeted UPGs with the five-year goal to plant a viable, indigenous church planting movement in each one.

How to Engage:

  1. Join or form an “R&I Cohort”* to help find Target UPGs
  2. Join or form a “Go Team” to engage a target UPG on a five-year mission
  3. Join or form an “Advocacy Group” to support Go Team partnerships

*Research and Identify (R&I COHORT)

  1. Build a team to assist us in researching potential UPGs for our focus
  2. Using available UPG information, the team will filter data through six criteria:
    • Population is greater than 50,000
    • Have less than 2% evangelicals
    • Have scriptures in their heart or second language
    • Demonstrate high receptivity
    • Accessible to Globe Network people (Accessible to Witness)
    • Proximity to Globe Network (Globe Network Neighbor)

UPG Logos Group

We can’t do it all but we will do our part

You can support this challenge

  • Give to our UPG FUND – $1 million goal.
  • Advocate to your church and community.
  • Sign up to GO – visit a group with us, or commit the next 5 years to reach a group with your church and community.

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