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The phrase “church planting” may be intimidating to some global ministers. However, every global minister should be a disciple maker and every disciple maker should be a church planter. If you make disciples like Jesus did, church planting will happen.

Globe’s Church Planting Multiplication (CPM) workshop is part 2 of our Disciple Making Multiplication (DMM) workshop. In CPM participants will learn why multiplying disciples, who multiply churches, is the preferred method for reaching the least reached people groups of the world.

Through Globe’s CPM, participants will understand that a simple church is not just a building with clergy, but rather a spiritual family with Christ in their midst as King. A family who loves God, loves others, and because of this, make disciples.

CPM students will be introduced to the PACE plan and the utilization of small discovery groups, which are defined as simple churches. In obedience and accountability to God’s command for all believers, the intentional multiplication of disciples and simple churches communicates the Father’s design for the earth.