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Wogsland, Mike & Seira



Since the age of four Mike knew six truths or promises about his life and from that time until now God has accomplished all six of them. The first of these promises was fulfilled when he met Seira, the woman of his dreams while studying at a Christian College in Pensacola, Florida. They were married a year and a half later. Another promise was realized as Mike and Seira gave ten years of their lives to sharing the God News of Jesus in Japan.

God has blessed Mike and Seira with great increase by adding five beautiful children to their lives. These brilliant blessings of light and joy are Keido, Kento, Kairo, Kenya, and Kiera, who everyone calls “Kiwi.” Some of the children were born in America, while others were born in Japan while ministering. Together the Wogsland’s have stood together as a family to face a task that they were told was an impossibility. This task was to plant a church in the heart of Kyoto, Japan, which is the spiritual epicenter of the nation.

Kyoto is a city known as the hardest mission field outside of the Middle East. This is a city that carries the moniker, “The Missionaries Graveyard.” This is a city proclaiming the residence of the “Son of Satan.” While Kyoto is a spiritually dark stronghold, the Wogsland’s saw the God of the Impossible do impossible things, never heard of or seen before things, and unbelievable things. Japanese lives were changed and souls were secured for eternity.

Currently God has brought Mike, Seira, and the children back to America for a season to re-establish and develop new ministry resources for Japan. This new expression of their ministry extends beyond Japan, to America and the rest of those in the Kingdom of Faith.

Mike and Seira have established a growing proclamation of what God has taught them along the way called Translating Love. Translating Love is about teaching and learning how to personally understand and translate the Love of God in our lives as His disciples. Further our discipleship is about learning how to understand, translate, and communicate the love of God in our walk to others.

We’d love for you to join with us on this incredible journey. Please come with us as we are together Translating Love.