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SERVING IN: Mozambique, Africa
MINISTRY FOCUS: Mercy Ministry


Angie is a Registered Nurse and worked for 12 years in the medical field. In the late 1990’s, Angie’s heart for missions grew as she went on mission trips around the world: Argentina, Cameroon, Mozambique, Guatemala and South America. She worked with various organizations, including Mercy Ships and Iris Ministries. In 2002, Angie began Beacon of Hope – Africa, reaching out to youth in Mozambique by providing a transition home where life skills and discipleship are the focus. Hope House can house a maximum of 14 boys. There are local workers to help assist in construction, house work, cooking, driving and administration. In addition to helping the boys, the ministry feeds many people from the community each day, providing them with nourishment for the body, soul and spirit.


Recent Updates


I was blessed with a visit from Germano, one of our youth that graduated in 2009. After he graduated, we helped him complete the Mechanics trade school course and he has worked with several companies as a mechanic in Mozambique and South Africa. He is now back in Mozambique with his wife and one child, driving for a company. I was so blessed to see the man he has become and how his education and work ethics had changed his life. This is why I do what I do and each of you are a part of it all.


I feel so blessed that we are all healthy at BOHA. Mozambique is starting to open up slowly, but school has not resumed. We are still in touch with our other youth and look forward to visiting them again before the end of the year. Mozambique still has new cases of COVID daily, but the government has started allowing gatherings. We are following all the guidelines for preventions, but covet your prayers for our continued health and well-being.


My staff and I went to Catembe, what we call “The Bush” to visit 2 of our youth. It was such an amazing day of fellowship with our youth and their families. They were so blessed and Anilso’s mother said, “Thank you, Jesus, please bless BOHA, and give them back what they blessed us with.” It seems like so little to us but the food and supplies we brought were such a big blessing to the families. Our hearts are always to bless others, but we seem to receive the greater blessing.


My staff is in contact with our youth, making sure they and their families are doing well. Four of my staff went to Gaza, a 14-hour round trip, to visit Nando and his family and began the process of choosing 6 new youth from Gaza to enter the project next year.


Who could have known that 2020 would start out with a worldwide crisis? The effect of this crisis has changed everything. Our youth have been on quarantine at BOHA for months and with the possibility of another 30 days, our youth requested to return with their families. The school gives out homework and test, we make copies and will be weekly hand-delivering to each of our youth and returning completed assignments to the school. After 60 days of quarantine and no one was sick, my staff and I felt it was safe for their families and this would reduce the number of people to less
than 10 at BOHA.


The worldwide Crisis we are facing now is triggering all kinds of feelings around the world and in our youth. Our youth
stayed at BOHA when the quarantine began as they have been around other students and our community. Many of their families live in the bush and are very secluded, so to minimize any risk for the families we felt it was best to keep them here. This is a time of quarantine, not a school break as schools are giving out homework and test, so is BOHA! Let us get ahead not fall behind! Our teachers will be streaming classes and I will continue to teach my classes as well.


The vision of BOHA is to teach life skills and continue their education, so these young men will know how to live life on their own. I want their relationship with Jesus to be solid, so they never have to feel alone and can pray and trust God
for their needs and future.


The boys are back from summer break and they had a great time with family and friends. Now it is time to start the new school year. The parents came with their youth to receive their school supplies and backpacks which made it a great start to the New Year. God has blessed our youth with another year of school fees paid, school supplies, and a trade school course for our graduates. Praise God, Praise God!


It’s time to start another year with Beacon of Hope – Africa! I have officially completed 19 years serving Jesus in Mozambique and 20 years as a Globe International missionary! It seems surreal to be starting my 20th year in 2020
Together we have accomplished so much and helped numerous teens, and families in Mozambique. Thank you for being a part of God’s vision for the youth in Mozambique, and I am expecting greater things in this New Year for you and BOHA!


We earnestly appreciate your partnership, prayers and financial gifts. Without partners like you, BOHA would not impact or influence the youth of Mozambique. Please continue to pray that the financial support I am responsible to raise for Globe comes in allowing completion of numerous projects and to reach a committed fully funded status.


We have 2 months left of school and will be out for our summer break. We are truly blessed as school renewal fees and school supplies have been provided for the next school year. Purchasing these supplies this month saved us money. This means we have met half of our 2020 school budget. PRAISE GOD!


Two weeks off was great for everyone but, it passed fast! Our youth spent much needed time with family, worked, played and relaxed. My staff had a week off, giving me quiet time to catch up on work, planning for year-end and 2020 year!

AUG 12

Our youth have finished the second semester of school and will be headed home for a two week break. This gives my staff and I time to spring clean, prepare for the last semester and breathe a little as we get caught up.

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