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Recent Updates

  • Jun 17 God blessed my family and I with a trip to South Africa for 4 days and we had a great time of rest, shopping, and Doctors checkup. I need to return to South Africa in a few weeks for other tests.
  • May 14 Teaching is not an easy job, yet it brings great rewards. I love to see them finally understand something that has frustrated them in the past and they realize they have just jumped another hurdle!
  • Apr 9 School and BOHA classes are moving forward and our youth are working hard. I am back teaching English, Bible, critical thinking, and a computer class with 3 of our youth who will be graduating BOHA at the end of this year!
  • Feb 14 Our youth are back for the 2019 school year, excited and ready to learn and make this year better than the last. I am excited for all God has for them and for my family. Our total youth this year will be 13 very active teenagers!
  • Aug 7 We are making a difference! Thank you for partnering with us through prayer & finances. Keep praying for our youth, their education, Bible classes, health & God’s plan for their lives! Pray for the ministry, staff & my kids & family here in Texas.
  • Jan 27 In December I celebrated 17 years of serving the Lord here in Mozambique and I have never regretted one day of saying yes to His call. Being called to serve the Lord is an honor and is rewarding!
  • Dec 16 We are so very thankful, the adoption is complete, And we’re working on their visas now, so both of them you’ll meet. It’s been a long long process, and the victory is in sight. We can’t wait to get this finished, so we can book our flight.
  • Nov 14 Thank you for investing in the lives of our youth through your monthly support and prayer. We may not be able to see the impact we have made throughout the years but we see glimpses, which makes us thankful and proud to be a part of God’s vision.
  • Sep 6 School break is over, my time off was great but I’m happy the boys are back. A month with their families and rest was much needed to give them the strength to complete the last semester. Everyone is back in school and our routine is back on track!
  • Jul 24 The Adoption is final! It has been a difficult 12-year process, but we have persevered. I don’t think I would have made it had it not been for the prayers of family, friends, and many people I do not know personally.
  • Jun 5 I am not an evangelist, preacher, or teacher, I am just a mom. I love Jesus and have a mother’s heart to help these young men, the next generation of leaders, learn how to trust God daily in every situation they face.
  • Apr 13 Other than the normal heat, things are going really well at BOHA. I am so blessed by our youth and their hard work and eagerness to learn. We are finishing our first school semester and the youth will go home and have time with their family.


Angie is a Registered Nurse and worked for 12 years in the medical field. In the late 1990’s, Angie’s heart for missions grew as she went on mission trips around the world: Argentina, Cameroon, Mozambique, Guatemala and South America. She worked with various organizations, including Mercy Ships and Iris Ministries. In 2002, Angie began Beacon of Hope – Africa, reaching out to youth in Mozambique by providing a transition home where life skills and discipleship are the focus. Hope House can house a maximum of 14 boys. There are local workers to help assist in construction, house work, cooking, driving and administration. In addition to helping the boys, the ministry feeds many people from the community each day, providing them with nourishment for the body, soul and spirit.