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Recent Updates

  • Apr 13 Other than the normal heat, things are going really well at BOHA. I am so blessed by our youth and their hard work and eagerness to learn. We are finishing our first school semester and the youth will go home and have time with their family.
  • Mar 20 Our biggest struggle the past several weeks is the excessive rain. Water draws mosquitoes, which potentially bring malaria, and frogs which creates an environment for snakes. Your continued prayers for our health and safety are a constant request.
  • Feb 16 World Race teams came to BOHA! We hosted the entire squad of 47 people. Some teams dispersed to ministry sites in Mozambique, my team of 15 began to learn about Africa. BOHA was the team’s first stop on their 11-month trip. Learn more on our FB!
  • Sep 21 I made it home safe and sound and oh the hugs and kisses are just so wonderful! My kids and the youth look amazing and it’s great to be home in Africa.


Angie is a Registered Nurse and worked for 12 years in the medical field. In the late 1990’s, Angie’s heart for missions grew as she went on mission trips around the world: Argentina, Cameroon, Mozambique, Guatemala and South America. She worked with various organizations, including Mercy Ships and Iris Ministries. In 2002, Angie began Beacon of Hope – Africa, reaching out to youth in Mozambique by providing a transition home where life skills and discipleship are the focus. Hope House can house a maximum of 14 boys. There are local workers to help assist in construction, house work, cooking, driving and administration. In addition to helping the boys, the ministry feeds many people from the community each day, providing them with nourishment for the body, soul and spirit.