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Recent Updates

  • Jun 3 God continues to draw believers and pre-believing Israelis together in neighborhood gatherings. Please pray for fruitfulness and anointing on these gatherings. Door to door ministry proves to be fruitful.
  • May 16 God is doing a new thing of drawing believers and pre-believing Israelis together in neighborhood gatherings. It’s exciting to be a part of it!
  • Apr 4 Thank you for remembering your brothers and sisters in Israel, who are standing as Ambassadors for the Kingdom of God in this war-torn land.


Ronna a.k.a. Faith Walker is the founder of Mission Discipleship, an online discipleship resource aimed at helping people in the Body of Christ “go and make disciples.” Ronna is a Messianic Jewish evangelist, worship leader, teacher and author. She came to know the Lord while pursuing a music career in Hollywood, CA. Her dramatic testimony of God rescuing her from a life of drug addiction has inspired thousands worldwide.

She has been in full-time ministry for nearly 20 years, serving the Lord with Jews For Jesus’ music & evangelism team, the Liberated Wailing Wall; and also with Jonathan Bernis and Jewish Voice Ministries, leading evangelism and prayer on the international mission field, and speaking in congregations around North America.

Ronna is passionate about the Word of God, the salvation of the lost and the maturation of the Body of Messiah. Her calling is to be a conduit of the transforming power of the Holy Spirit through worship, preaching and prayer. She’s anointed as a teacher/speaker, evangelist and in prophetic worship as a modern-day psalmist.

Ronna moved to Israel in November 2016. In Israel she’s expanding the work of Mission Discipleship; and is currently involved in creating discipleship material for Israeli believers and leading evangelism projects targeting both Jews and Muslim Bedouins in Israel.

To learn more, visit the Mission Discipleship website at

Because of the sensitivity of her move to Israel as Messianic Jew, and the persecution that comes with that, Ronna goes by the online pseudonym “Faith Walker” on Mission Discipleship, and Ronna Mathetes (disciple in Greek) on Facebook.

Please do not post any pictures or videos of her online.