Training. Sending. Serving. Joining Globe

Liebmann, TJ & Marela



In 2013, having experienced the transforming love of Christ in her own life, after a long, seemingly hopeless battle with depression, Rae felt an urgency to share His redemptive love with others. Soon after God called Marela to Himself. Rae went on her first mission trip to Ethiopia, where she got to witness God move and work in ways that opened her eyes to His awesome power. This is also where she heard God clearly calling her to a life of missions. So a couple months after returning from Ethiopia, she moved to Pensacola, FL to be trained by Globe International. It was here that she learned of the vast need for those willing to go and reach the unreached. It was also here that she met TJ, a man who had decided to dedicate his life to Christ after experiencing true freedom from his addictions and lostness by His hand. Shortly after meeting Marela, and her mentors at Globe, God burdened TJ’s heart with a longing to reach the unreached. Armed with the same passion to “GO” and reach the unreached, they married on 8-22-18 with the goal of serving together as a team for Christ.

They are now both in training in Pensacola, FL, where they hope to develop the necessary skills to be effective disciples overseas. TJ has found joy in service in homeless ministry. He has a passion for being bold in his faith and sharing it openly with those around him. He has a specific interest in the potential of church planting movements (CPM’s) and disciple making movements (DMM’s). He’s also a professional photographer, with some experience in studio lighting, which he hopes to use on the field.
Rae has a heart for woman who are lost. She has found her value, identity, and freedom in Christ, and longs to share that with others who were lost, as she once was. Through the building of loving relationships, Rae has been practicing mentoring other women in the hopes of seeing Christ transform their hearts so that they might find freedom and worth. She hopes to use this skill on the field to build relationships that will turn into movements.

We would love for you to support us, both financially, and through prayer.

Here are some prayer requests.

1. Pray for guidance and wisdom in knowing to what people group the Lord is calling us to.
2. Pray for our new marriage. That God would shape us into an effective team for his kingdom.
3. Pray for provision to get on the field.
4. Of course, we encourage you all to pray for unreached people groups. Pray that God would soften their hearts and call more of his followers to the harvest field.