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Recent Updates

  • Sep 4 Tina and I were very blessed by God today at Speaker’s Corner Hyde Park. God had a plan to impact several people’s lives’. I had especially felt an urge from the Lord to speak about what I termed as “the irresistible attribute that God cannot resist.
  • May 23 Every day Tina and I are in amazement, the LORD has set us free from our sins through His Son Jesus Christ. An awesome God we serve! We are sure that you find yourself saying with us, “Ohh God, thank you for redeeming my soul!
  • Jan 1 I am always pleasantly surprised by God’s amazing grace, especially in situations when He has called me to be a witness. It is so wonderful when He just…”gives the Words to speak” finding that it is perfect for that very moment. Luke 10:11-12


Steve and Tina Same have enjoyed working with Arise and Shine Evangelistic Association since 1988. They spent the first 5 years in the Phillipine Islands proclaiming the Good News. When challenged by the ministry in 1992 to pick up and relocate in London, England, they joined ASEA’s pioneering effort. They now serve in urban street ministry, operating out of ASEA’s “London Outreach Center,” a fully renovated former English “pub,” where they evangelize among the city’s 11 million people.