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Recent Updates

  • Jun 11 Early June, we’ll fly to San Francisco for Kalie’s graduation and to help her relocate and get established in Tulsa where she has accepted her first job.
  • May 13 Pray for wisdom as we make decisions regarding our next steps after transitions coming this summer.
  • Mar 20 In Australia, Steph and the ministry team she was with saw God do so many things. They held three conferences at different churches in Brisbane. Each conference was different, but all saw God do many amazing things.
  • Feb 1 Things have been busy preparing to welcome 39 new neighborhood children to the school. The school now has 69 children from the surrounding neighborhoods, more than double from last year!
  • Jan 2 Please pray that all God would have for us in 2019 would fit into place and that the wisdom and resources needed would be available.
  • Dec 20 We enjoyed our recent trip to the states where we each received our ministry licenses under the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening and also got to see many of you.
  • Aug 15 Early October, we will be coming to the states and we would love to connect with you. We completed the credentialing process to become licensed ministers and will be attending our licensing ceremony.
  • May 31 The young mothers in the Ladies of Hope group are working hard to start their businesses. The first business to open, the car wash, has had a very successful first couple of weeks of business.
  • Feb 13 At the end of February, we will travel to Ethiopia where we’ve been invited to be the speakers at several different events. We will fly into the capital city of Addis Ababa and from there travel to several different towns.
  • Dec 4 The kids are on the end of their school break. Craig has taken groups of boys camping. Around the fire, Craig taught on character, using the life of King David as an illustration. Though David became a mighty warrior who defeated Goliath.
  • Aug 20 We have been praying with and working through issues in some of the kid’s lives. They are learning to forgive and release things in their past. Please pray for us as we spend time teaching and praying for healing with the kids.
  • Jul 30 We’ve had a number of visitors at Challenge Farm since early June. They have spent time with the kids, playing games, making crafts and helping with some construction projects around the property. Our role has been to help manage their stay.







The Millers’ desire is to bring people into contact with the God who is passionately running to meet them. There is no place too dark for his love. They’ve served as missionaries in Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. While currently based in Kenya, at a home for abused and abandoned children, they travel throughout Africa and the world, to bring the gospel of the kingdom. Their vision is to raise up and empower others to carry the love and power of Jesus. They are called to teach and activate others to grow in intimacy with God and to demonstrate the power of the gospel in signs and wonders. Licensed ministers under The Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, their heart is for revival and for empowering others to carry the fiery presence of God.