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Recent Updates

  • Aug 15 Early October, we will be coming to the states and we would love to connect with you. We completed the credentialing process to become licensed ministers and will be attending our licensing ceremony.
  • May 31 The young mothers in the Ladies of Hope group are working hard to start their businesses. The first business to open, the car wash, has had a very successful first couple of weeks of business.
  • Feb 13 At the end of February, we will travel to Ethiopia where we’ve been invited to be the speakers at several different events. We will fly into the capital city of Addis Ababa and from there travel to several different towns.
  • Dec 4 The kids are on the end of their school break. Craig has taken groups of boys camping. Around the fire, Craig taught on character, using the life of King David as an illustration. Though David became a mighty warrior who defeated Goliath.
  • Aug 20 We have been praying with and working through issues in some of the kid’s lives. They are learning to forgive and release things in their past. Please pray for us as we spend time teaching and praying for healing with the kids.
  • Jul 30 We’ve had a number of visitors at Challenge Farm since early June. They have spent time with the kids, playing games, making crafts and helping with some construction projects around the property. Our role has been to help manage their stay.
  • Jun 19 The kids in the discipleship class held an outreach to the kids in some of our school classes here. We saw 9 children give their lives to Jesus. Kids also came forward for prayer for many issues in their lives and families.
  • May 9 We’ve enjoyed working with the kids in our discipleship class. They are eager to learn and apply the things taught such as hearing God’s voice, praying for healing, and blessing others.
  • Mar 10 Since we’ve arrived at Challenge Farm, the focus of the things we’ve taught in church has been on God’s love. We want the kids and staff to have a solid foundation in this and an actual experience of God’s love.
  • Feb 20 Thank you for your prayers in our transition into our new roles in Kenya. It is hard to describe the experiences that we have had since arriving. This next month our focus is language learning, building relationships, and learning the culture.
  • Jan 11 Happy New Year! We are almost ready to transition to Kenya. We will arrive in Kenya on January 14th and will be in Nairobi until our work permits are finalized. Please pray that process goes smoothly!







Our ministry’s name, Running Over Mountains, is taken from Song of Solomon 2:8-10:

Listen! My beloved! Look! Here he comes,
leaping across the mountains, bounding over the hills.

Our desire is to bring people into contact with the Father God who is passionately running to meet them. In past years we have followed God’s leading to the countries of China, Jordan and Egypt. We have come alongside local believers to reach out to college students in China, Syrian refugees in Jordan and Sudanese refugees in Egypt. Throughout this journey, God has shown us his love for different peoples and cultures, regardless of their beliefs about him. God deeply loves every individual and wants them to know him. Our desire is to see God touch lives with his love, and to raise up individuals who will be catalysts to share God’s love with those in their communities and nations.

In January 2017, we will begin the next stage of our journey in Kitale, Kenya where we will join with Cheri Thompson, another Globe missionary, at Challenge Farm.  Challenge Farm is a ten-acre farm and is home to over 170 children who were once orphaned or abandoned.  About 50 Kenyan staff work at the Farm, some of whom were once street children themselves, and then went on to University, and now work in the administration and management of the Farm. In addition to providing 24/7 care for the children, the Farm has a school which other children from the surrounding neighborhood also attend.  Challenge Farm also provides children with the opportunities for vocational and agricultural training and works to impact the surrounding community. In the future, the children will return to their community to lead productive adult lives that will impact future families and generations.

Our roles at Challenge Farm will be to work alongside and oversee the administration in the day to day operation of the children’s home and school. We will also focus on the discipleship of the staff and children. We want to raise up the future generation to reach out to those around them with God’s love and the power of the Holy Spirit. We plan to disciple children who we will then take on outreaches to the surrounding villages and beyond to bring salvation and change to the slums.