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Randall, Mark & Kevin



Recent Updates

  • Feb 8 We arrived back in Nicaragua in early December. The ministry at La Boquita has continued without interruption thanks to co-laborers like Cesar Medina, whose faithfulness is a blessing beyond description.
  • Aug 21 We are currently in the States to be near Leah as she prepares to undergo her second round of treatment for thyroid cancer. Your prayers and support are needed now more than ever!
  • Jul 2 A dozen surfers met to watch The Cross and the Switchblade, by David Wilkerson. God used this story to further impact the guys’ hearts. God is transforming their lives by the greatness of his power! Keep your prayers going for the surfers!
  • May 8 Tesoros de Dios is expanding their facilities to include dozens of children on an endless waiting list. Resources for children with special needs in Nicaragua are extremely limited and this ministry is filling a great need!
  • Mar 23 Bi-weekly we are at a fishing village, La Boquita, surfing and hanging out with the young guys - building relationships, sharing the Word and encouraging them to embrace God whole-heartedly. It has been awesome to see these guys walk towards God.
  • Feb 8 While living near Chicago, Leah was teaching children with autism and attending college. She became was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After several months of surgery and treatment, Leah is now cancer-free and living anew in Pensacola, Florida!
  • Sep 16 The sugar cane community of Rosario Murillo is blessed beyond measure! Our teams have been pouring themselves out as they work alongside this community. Other teams have shared the gospel through teaching Scripture, telling stories, performing skits.


The Randall’s have been serving as missionaries for over 20 years in the Philippines, England, South Africa and are currently serving in Nicaragua. Mark and Kevin married in 1978 and, with a passion for missions, embarked on their first term of service to the Philippines in 1994. Their experience includes evangelizing, teaching, and discipling.

Mark is working to impact communities and shine the light of the gospel over the coast lands of Nicaragua. Mark mentors Nicaraguan surfers for Christ with the gospel message and teaching God’s Word through building relationships. Kevin teaches children with learning disabilities at Nicaragua Christian Academy and minsters to children in the community with special needs. Assisting widows, orphans and the handicapped with daily essentials is also an integral part of the Randall’s ministry.

Mark and Kevin have three daughters, Sarah, Leah and Anna. Sarah graduated from the University of West Florida in 2009 and teaches 5th grade at Nicaragua Christian Academy. Leah lives in Chicago and works with children with autism. Leah also attends Moraine Valley Community College and is  studying special education. Anna is a senior at Nicaragua Christian Academy and will graduate in June 2017. Anna enjoys teaching children of all ages and would like to study elementary education.