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Recent Updates

  • Aug 22 Please be praying that the permission to stay in Greece we are applying for will be granted. We will have to apply once we get back to Greece, and we have been told it is difficult to do there.
  • Jun 7 Resurrection Sunday was wonderful. I cooked for about 40 people, mostly refugees though we also invited the Greeks in the church who did not have family to spend the day with. I cooked two whole lambs as well as other food.
  • Apr 3 We have continued to help distributing food, clothing and other necessary essentials to the refugees. We are also continuing the Friday night services for the refugees interested in studying the Bible.
  • Nov 21 We have been helping the refugees prepare for winter by distributing blankets, sleeping bags, coats and more. They are so grateful for what we are doing to help them. They are eager for hope. God is using this situation to draw them to himself!
  • Oct 26 Two days after I arrived in Greece I went to the refugee camp. Families are living in tents with sleeping bags on concrete floors. The tents are inside large warehouses. The church here is helping distribute clothes and food to refugees.
  • Oct 7 “God will make a way.” During this transition from Nicaragua to Greece problems have arisen, & I have worried. Each time God has resolved them. He showed me the way. His guidance through this process has helped me confirm what He has called me to do.


When I was ten, I read “A Chance To Die”, a biography about Amy Carmichael a missionary to India who rescued children from slavery in the Hindu temples.  I knew when I finished reading that book that God was calling me to run an orphanage when I grew up. I immediately told my Dad. Being the great father he is, and a missionary himself, he encouraged me in this calling.  Later when I was in college, I felt a strong calling to work not just with orphaned children, but specifically with war refugee children.  I remember during my college years watching the news about the civil war in Rwanda. I cried because I longed to be there helping, but I knew it wasn’t God’s time.  God had so much He needed to teach me before I could walk in this call.  Working as a special education teacher and working with children in Nicaragua for ten years has helped prepare me for what comes next.

I do not yet know the fullness of what God will do as I go to Greece.  I know I am learning from those who have been working in this field for a long time.  Not knowing all that God will do is exciting! There is this great wealth of opportunity to see God’s grace and mercy flow.  I am happily eager to see how God will use the talents He has been developing in me for so many years to serve Him in Greece helping the children in the refugee camps.  That is my prayer, that He will use me.