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Provost, Andre & Karen



Recent Updates

  • Sep 12 We spent the summer sharing our vision with churches and friends throughout the eastern part of the United States. I am training seven men in disciple making. Karen has returned to the Sunset Elementary school to help English language learners.
  • Mar 22 In May, Greg Nemer and I will be visiting Southeast Asia. Part of our trip includes a visit to Northeast Thailand with a population of over 400,000 and no known Christians. We hope to find “men of peace.” We are planning to start a new work here.
  • Jan 20 While writing our Perspectives Course paper we found that 6,698 of the 16,560 people groups in the world are unreached - 3.1 billion individuals. Workers need to be ignited to join the vision of finishing Christ's mandate of making disciples.
  • Nov 13 Karen and I are in our tenth week of the sixteen week Missions Perspective class. We are excited about the ideas in this class and will be preparing a paper to help us discern our next phase towards fulfilling the great commission.


Andre and Karen Provost have a long tenure in missionary service. As a single person, Karen worked with children in Honduras from 1976 until 1985. Andre graduated from Liberty Bible College in 1984 as valedictorian and a year later earned his Master of Theology Degree. In 1985, they were married and moved to Thailand.

The first seven years in Thailand, they assisted local churches while learning the language and gaining knowledge of the culture. In 1992, burdened by unchurched areas, they moved to Bang Bua Thong, an unchurched district, where they planted their first house church. Here, Andre was introduced to the Train and Multiply program developed by George Patterson which he uses until this day.

In 1995, Andre developed a new approach in bringing Christ to Thai villagers: Breaking into the Thai Culture   Joining a family from the Eastern Mennonite Mission, they move to an unreached district in Northeast Thailand to implemented the plan with the Isan people group. The plan was successful in planting a network of thirteen contextualized village based house churches. In 2002, the network was placed into the hands of local leadership whom they raised up. With four children, Andre and Karen then relocated to Bangkok, where Karen assisted in an international school while Andre coached leaders, evangelized, started an English center and assisted the Thai Natural Church Development organization.

From 2006 to 2008, during a sabbatical in Los Angeles, Andre took courses at Fuller Seminary, preached and taught in Thai Churches while Karen got her teaching credentials.

From the fall of 2008 until 2013, they lived in Quito, Ecuador where Karen taught at Alliance Academy International while Andre evangelized and started a disciple making movement among Colombian refugees, impoverished Ecuadorians and prisoners.  The Ecuadorian work continues under the leadership of an Ecuadorian worker whom he trained up.

In 2013, they moved to Vancouver, Washington where Karen supports English Language Learners while Andre is implementing a disciple making movement among the homeless and impoverished at the Friends of the Carpenter friendship center. They also take trips to Ecuador and Thailand to train leaders. As new facilitators for the Kairos Course, they plan to mobilize workers to reach the 6,698 unreached people groups. Andre is also assisting Misión Global in preparing Mexican missionaries to go to Thailand.