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Recent Updates

  • May 23 Colleen had a very memorable Easter as the team spent some quality time with 4 families that lived in a dump in Burma. 3 of the 4 families gave their lives to Christ and the 4th one wanted to hear more.
  • Jan 22 Recently we had two positive responses from middle easterners after watching and seeing the Gospel in their own languages. We continue to press forward despite changes in leadership and ministry times!
  • Mar 26 A good part of this month has been devoted to a 3-day intensive training with a Vietnamese Church. The 3-day intensive was successful at casting a vision for several American/ethnic pastors and others to show God’s heart to reach all the nations.
  • Sep 26 As we move forward we are studying the process by which the Lord of the Harvest works. We Pray that we will see the fruits of labor in the Atlanta area by joining a discipleship team.
  • Jul 25 A lot has happened while finishing up in Costa Rica & returning to the States. As we move forward we will be staying in the Clarkston, Georgia area. We are currently researching unreached people groups and we are helping with refugees.
  • Apr 17 Our time in Costa Rica has been outstanding but difficult at times. As we pondered our next step we were torn between staying in Costa Rica and going back to Clarkston, Georgia. After time in prayer we see God's plan for us in Clarkston, Georgia.
  • Sep 22 This summer Pura Vida Missions hosted 300 youth. We saw God work in the lives of the youth and their leaders as they came and learned about their identity in Christ and served the people of Costa Rica.


Armin and Colleen have been married for 27 years and have grown 3 children. They currently live in Clarkston GA. They started their missionary work in 2008 where they served as mission team coordinators for their local church in Ohio. During this time they served on short term mission trips to Macedonia, England, Brazil, and Costa Rica. In 2014 they joined Globe International. In 2015 they completed a summer internship with Gobal Frontier Missions in Clarkston GA. They learned about and ministered to many ethnicities in the area. In 2016-2017 they returned to Costa Rica to serve as interns working with an established mission helping with English as a Second Lanaguage and assisting a discipleship school called Vida 220. Armin and Colleen have since returned to Clarkston GA where they live and serve on a discipleship team ministering to refugees and Internationals in the area. The team trains a process called “No Place Left” which teaches simple gospel conversations, building up of disciples, and how to form healthy gatherings of believers. They have helped train Vietnamese, Napali, Burmese, African/Carribean, and short term/interns. Their goal is to share the Gospel and train american/ethnic believers who have caught the vision to reach their own ethnicities and also reach unreached people groups throughout the world. As well they are working with an unreached people group initiative developing effective strategies to reach the unreached people groups. Thanks be to God for all His work through Jesus Christ.