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Recent Updates

  • Jun 27 We are planning to start the construction of new emergency steps for the multi functional building at the children's home in a few weeks. Please pray that the funds will come so we can complete on time. This is a major need for the children!
  • Apr 17 After I came from Nawalparashi I have spent most of my time building our downtown church, Mephy, in Kathmandu and the children home church in Phutung. In Mephy we have new people visiting every week and people are getting saved.
  • Feb 6 As wonderful things are happening, there is also a great need for prayer. This year brings its own challenges as the government is tightening its grip on Christians.
  • Mar 28 Jonathan, our former Bible College student and present pastor in his local church, came and spoke with me in February. He told me how blessed he had been in his spiritual journey through the teaching at the Bible College.
  • Feb 6 USA is our support base. We realize that the foundation has to be strong if we want the house to stay strong and endure. That means we are building a strong support base, building a team around us who can help and stand with us in different seasons.
  • Dec 15 As we come into this holiday season, words are not enough to express our gratitude to you. You have given the gift of encouragement and hope when it was greatly needed. Your prayers and support have made a difference in many lives in Asia.
  • Nov 18 On 6 November, we had a celebration with 18 students from Bible School who graduated. It always touches my heart when I see students from different languages, tribes and regions come to us, go through the training, and are graduated.
  • Oct 20 I believe equipping local ministers through discipleship and training is the most effective way to reach the unreached people. Nepal has 124 languages and different tribes. 80% are Hindus and 15% Buddhist. We need local native speaking leaders.
  • Sep 8 Without all of you, Compassion for Asia would not exist. So this year I have made my base in Pensacola and have been traveling back and forth to Nepal. God is also sharpening my vision, giving me new strength and showing us new ways of ministry.
  • Jul 7 We officially have electricity at the new Orphanage building! A divine appointment from God. Please read our newsletter on our member page to find out how God set up a series of events to bring power to the building after such a long battle.
  • May 22 We are strengthening our support base here and connecting with many of you. Thank you once again for the hospitality and opportunities to visit and speak and share about the vision God has placed on our heart for Nepal.
  • Apr 19 Children at the children's home are doing well. After the earthquake they would wake up in the night crying. Their days were also affected. Now the children are laughing and playing, they are doing well in school and God has worked in their lives.


Sudip was born into an Orthodox Hindu family in 1975. He became a Christian in 1986. He dedicated his life to full-time service of the Lord in 1989. In 2001, he traveled to Pensacola, Florida to attend the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. BRSM transformed his life. He and Anne Lise (from Norway) met at BRSM and were married in 2005. Currently, they provide oversight for more than 30 churches. They also run an orphanage home for street children and other orphans. Sudip and Anne Lise train and equip leaders and are involved in social projects to provide safe drinking water and education to the people of Nepal.