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Recent Updates

  • Oct 1 We are gradually putting all our teaching and training material onto the Internet so anybody anywhere who speaks Spanish can use these materials for free. We are preparing a new website for this specific outreach, the written and spoken word.
  • Aug 7 In Argentina, we are going through turmoil and exciting times while working with the free national phone line for unwanted pregnancies, and backing our Christian politicians who are taking a stand against abortion and other destructive laws.
  • Jun 5 We have organized training for 300 Christians on addictions, sponsored by the government project, but including a Christian focus. At our local church, Manantial de Vida, we are holding a conference on addictions for our neighbors and local schools.
  • Mar 14 We have been distributing food (the government donated two tons of food) to 36 churches that feed children and families. We are having our fourth pro-life march on March 25th, and we are supervising youth activities that involve our city.
  • Jan 10 As a family, we have many challenges ahead. Humberto and I are working with the Pastoral Council of Cordoba, gathering around 150 pastors in unity, and planning activities for our city, which are also impacting our nation.
  • Jan 29 I wanted to thank those who gave generously during 2017, making all our ministry and missionary work posible in Argentina, as you have read in our past newsletters.God has opened amazing doors for us, and your gifts make it possible.
  • Sep 29 We are having amazing opportunities of ministry here, through government offices, church activities, and evangelistic events that reach our city, along with our production of teaching materials that are available for pastors, leaders and families.
  • Jul 4 Wonderful news! My children’s English book (illustrated by my daughter) is finally on Amazon books. Check in “Evelyn Saint, I am Very Important” to order it! For ages 5 to 9 years old on values, respect, and care children deserve.
  • Mar 29 After months of waiting, I have published a Children's book with Christian values. It is currently available in Spanish with the English version to follow soon. You can find "Yo soy Muy Importante" (I am very important) at Amazon, under Evelyn Saint.
  • Jan 6 We are participating in several provincial (government) ministries in the areas of child care, disability and rehabilitation, and with the youth in the area of education. We have also been asked to participate in the prison ministry in our city.
  • Aug 21 Months ago we registered at our government office to offer our church building for training classes. We have started this month opening the church property three mornings a week. We are excited to have 50 young people attending classes at our church!


Humberto was converted at the age of 21, and soon after felt called into the ministry. He works primarily with pastors, although he also teaches Bible students, ministers at marriage seminars to young people and military chaplains. He along with his wife Evelyn continue to work in the leadership in Cordoba, preparing materials for leadership, and others, to be used as the need arises.

Evelyn comes from a missionary family, having been born and raised in Argentina by missionary parents, Phil and Ruth Saint, who believed missions was for life. Evelyn is very familiar with mission life and work, having had to live between two cultures.

Humerto and Evelyn have been pastoring in the Assemblies of God, but have always had a burden for leadership and for their children. Together they feel that if the leadership is strengthened and encouraged, a whole congregation can be reached. This will allow the local church and ministry to grow and be able to do many projects, like:  feeding children, reaching teenagers, evangelizing, etc. Humberto and Evelyn both know the difficulties of the ministry and know the (hidden) burdens and sorrows of pastors. Humberto has been part of the Pastoral Council of the city of Cordoba for the last 7 years:  organizing retreats for pastors and wives, bringing the Focus on the Family Latin team to Cordoba in 2004, helping organize the yearly Fiesta del Espíritu Santo that gathers 8,000 people in a covered stadium, preparing material for people to buy and use for their Bible studies. Evelyn writes regularly for the only national monthly Christian newspaper on family themes called “El Puente.” She also translates for visiting speakers from the States on different occasions. Humberto and Evelyn believe their main task is to equip, train, disciple and build up the local pastor or leader, just as they work on training and equipping their own leaders of their church congregation. They believe that the leadership’s purpose is to get the people to grow, be active, to fulfill their calling and to function in their gifts. A happy blessed leader can do so much more than a discouraged one. As teachers, Humberto and Evelyn frequently teach on family, raising children and marriage. At the present they have both started a 3 year course on family counseling to add to their present training.

Titles from Evelyn:

Saint - I Am Very Important