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  • Feb 27 I am in Thailand now and working at our Church here, doing regular church stuff... preaching, teaching the word, and generally serving the people here. Nothing super flashy, but it’s the grit and grind where most of the real work gets done!
  • Nov 17 The problems of our time are many and complex, but the answers remain simple. Christ is still the answer, Jesus still saves, heals, and delivers. Love, and love well. Love people more than you think they deserve.


Isaac Hughes is a fourth-generation preacher of the Gospel. His parents, Bill and Julie Hughes went to Thailand as missionaries in 1991, Isaac being eight years old at the time. He surrendered to the call of God at eighteen and went to FIRE school of Ministry for three years. In 2004, Isaac went to Thailand as a full time missionary. Since then, he has been involved in church planting work in the Northeast, where his parents have been working for many years. Street evangelism and outreach, pulpit preaching and teaching, one-on-one discipleship, praying for the sick, music ministry, and even sound engineering and recording, all are done with one purpose in mind: the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven. After the tsunami of 2004, he moved to South Thailand for a season to be involved in tsunami relief. Following the tragedy, there were many open doors for ministry, both with the native Thai, and also with the large population of Burmese migrant workers in the area. Together with two other missionary families, he worked extensively with the Burmese, planting house churches in the jungles of South Thailand. Thailand is an open door, a staging point into some of the most unreached nations on earth. In 2005, Isaac made a three month preaching tour of India, where God moved powerfully in revival and evangelism meetings. He came away with an even greater desire in his heart to have an impact for the Gospel, not only in Thailand but in the surrounding nations of Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India. He believes that God-orchestrated relationships with indigenous Ministries and Leaders are a key to seeing this happen. His desire is to see solid, long term fruit through evangelism, discipleship, church planting and training of leaders, for the Glory of God on the earth.