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Holloway, Lissi



Recent Updates

  • May 14 Path of Life has blessed 9 pregnancy centers with educational fetal models, baby items and literature. One of these centers recently reported that they have saved 1000 babies from abortion!


Lissi feels called to speak for the unborn and bring healing to wounded women in the USA and internationally. As a former crisis pregnancy center director for over 9 years, she understands the importance of preventive dialogue, educational lifesaving materials and discipleship. She has seen the pain and brokenness in women’s lives,  and it is her desire is to lead them to the presence of God, where they will find fullness of joy. God has also placed in her heart a desire to bless developing crisis pregnancy centers with much needed prolife educational materials.

Lissi is a Costa Rican with a Bachelor’s degree in English language from the University of Costa Rica and her husband, Larry, is a Texan with a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the University of Texas at Arlington. They have three single adult children.

God has opened some great opportunities for Lissi to take the Gospel to Spanish and English speaking communities. She enjoys her time serving in all kinds of settings whether at home in Fort Worth, Texas or overseas.