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Hollis, Daniel & Carissa




Daniel and Carissa Hollis have a lot in common. They are both third generation missionaries and both come from large families. Daniel grew up in Alabama with his twelve siblings while Carissa grew up alongside her twelve siblings in Japan, serving as missionaries. Daniel and Carissa both met when her family came for a visit to one of their sponsor churches- his home church- in Alabama. After a short courtship over 6,000 miles, Daniel and Carissa got married in Japan 2015. They have two boy children with number three well on the way. They both want a big family like the ones they grew up in. But the similarities don’t stop there. They both have a passion for worship, discipleship, and making God’s name great among the nations. After spending two years as missionaries in Japan, they moved back to America to join with Daniel’s brother in his mission to disciple the young men and women of Kenya. They are currently residing in south Alabama waiting on the Lord’s timing to send them to Kenya where they will work in a fledgling discipleship school along side Daniel’s brother and his family of four children.