Maverick & Amy Hoenig

Missionaries in Kitale Kenya

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SERVING IN: Kenya, Africa
MINISTRY FOCUS: Church Planting, Evangelism, Mercy Ministry


Maverick and Amy have both loved Jesus and felt a strong call to be missionaries since a young age. Maverick, a Florida native, was called to be a missionary at a summer missions camp when he was a young teenager. He eventually went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the University of West Florida and then the Lord led him to work at Globe International Missions agency in Pensacola, FL where he was able to combine a love for art and the call to mission work. Amy, a North Carolina native, was transformed for missions after she took a trip to a children’s home (Challenge Farm) in Africa where she saw the needs and poverty that so many of us have never experienced as Americans. She was so moved that that she laid down a desired future in fashion design to pursue missions work, got a degree in Biblical studies from Liberty Bible college, and soon began working stateside for the missionary in Kenya who is also a Globe missionary. At one of Globe International’s mission conferences in Pensacola, through divine intervention, Maverick and Amy met, fell in love and were soon married! They spent one year serving in China on their first God assignment and now they are serving alongside veteran missionary Cheri Thompson working with the Challenge Farm Children’s Home and School located in Kitale, Kenya. They have two wonderful boys Jonah & Hudson. Their prayer is that all their family adventures would glorify God!


Recent Updates


Maverick got the opportunity to preach at church here at Challenge Farm and 7 girls professed a new faith in Jesus Christ. PRAISE GOD! We will be doing a class on Baptism for them and others who have not yet been baptized before we do the actual baptism. Also, Jonah our four year old recently asked Jesus into his heart! We have really seen a change in his attitude and how the Holy Spirit is with him. He is talking about Jesus more, and been so much more kind and helpful. We praise God for his heart for the Lord at such a young age!


Speaking of new things if you have not heard yet, we have received our Kenyan Work Visas and we are so excited! We have
paid the final payment for our Work Visas and the dependant visas for our children should be finalized this month as well. The Work Visas we have been approved for are good for 3 years and the process to renew them in the future is said to be much easier and can be done in Kenya.


Thank you for your prayers! Maverick had a wonderful trip to Kenya. He was able to go and be present at a conference
in Nairobi, and also was able to get to spend some quality time at Challenge Farm.

AUG 14

We are helping to facilitate & launch a new micro-finance loan program which will mainly focus on providing small loans to graduates of the Challenge Farm which will help them start small businesses, & have more individual financial responsibility.

MAY 23

We are currently waiting for our Kenyan Work Visa to process. Once approved and issued our work visa will be good for 3 years!

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