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Recent Updates

  • Apr 17 As we continue our journey with Globe’s member care, we will be developing workshops for our member care team, planning retreats around the world, and developing a resource list to help the people of Globe as they journey through life.
  • Mar 14 I, Melissa, had the opportunity to attend the Globe candidate school while in the States. It was a great week getting to know all the new folks coming into Globe and getting to be with the wonderful staff and Lead Team in Globe.
  • Feb 11 Our church has a monthly service in a local care home. We are blessed because some of the youth and children like to go along. For Valentine’s this month, our two grandchildren, Ethan and Analeigh, spoke about love as part of the service.
  • Jan 14 We are looking for partners for Overtoun House. We would like to have partners connect with us for a two year commitment. If 500 people gave $20/month for two years, we could cover the care and staffing of Overtoun!
  • Apr 11 Our lovely ladies are doing great! They are involved in crafts, counselling, one teaches another cooking, they attend literacy and college courses, and much more.
  • Feb 12 During my travels I (Melissa) met with Globe missionary, Lissi. We spent the morning laughing, sharing and praying! Lissi offers supplies and training to pro-life organizations, both locally and in Spanish speaking countries.
  • Jan 15 We will be in the States from mid March through mid May. If you would like us to come to your church, men’s meeting, women’s meeting, or meet with your mission committee, please contact us by email:
  • Oct 10 In Pensacola, we were privileged to be a part of the Globe candidate school. What a great week with the Globe staff, the volunteers and the six candidates. It’s a very full week of interviews, training and lots of laughter!
  • Aug 2 This month we celebrate 32 years on the mission field! What an amazing GOD we serve! He has allowed us to live in two wonderful countries and to travel to so many more! Who could have asked for a better life?? Glory!
  • Jun 13 Well, June is here and we’re back in Scotland! So good to be home – especially for Bob, who’s been away since mid-February! We returned in time for the launch of the new Wing in the House (glory! Hallelujah! Go GOD!)
  • Apr 8 We are still waiting on the license from the licensing agency, but we have been assured we will receive it this month! The government paperwork is taking longer than anticipated. We were hoping to have it in hand, but next month for sure.
  • Feb 6 Great News! Our floor manager, April, is coming on board in March! She is ready and willing and is a woman of faith! She is an asset to us even now, working with us on the government papers and moving us forward.


Bob and Melissa are high school sweethearts from Texas. Melissa graduated from UT Arlington. After Bob graduated from Bible College in Pensacola, Florida, they moved to Japan in 1985 with their three young children. In Japan, they lived in Nagoya for nine years conducting various community events from plays and cooking classes to Christmas programs, and established two churches. In 1995 Bob and Melissa and their boy/girl thirteen year old twins moved to Scotland, leaving their eldest daughter in university in the States. In Scotland, they lead a church, His Family Church, in the local community, and have renovated an 1800s baronial mansion, Overtoun House, located in the west of Scotland, as a safe house for women offering them hope and counselling and life skills training. The team in Overtoun House work together in/for the community as well as help with the Overtoun House Tea Room and other projects.

Bob and Melissa’s family now includes, along with their three adult children, two spouses and seven grandchildren. Three grandchildren live in Scotland and four live in Minnesota. The two of them love the people and the country of Scotland!